2053-0004: Talons Season Preview - The Hitters

GM: Sean Marko

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2053-0004: Talons Season Preview - The Hitters

Post by jiminyhopkins » Thu Nov 24, 2022 7:06 pm

Phoenix, AZ--

Instead of previewing another team we know nothing about, the Talons would rather just preview their own team, which is easier. Yeah it'll only be 4 PPT instead of 6, but we can't be bothered to research another team and do all that work.

So here are some Talons hitters who will play this season, before they get injured, of course.

Holding up catching duties again is Ichizo Sugiyama, hoping for another productive and injury free season (HA!). Next, it's gonna be a little gnarly defensively, but the Talons will go with Ernest McBride actually playing first base. Maybe he'll hit 50 HR, maybe he'll get a CEI. Who knows. Speaking of CEI's, Bing-de Zhao will be at second base. He only visited the DL 5 times last season, so we're expecting an even half-dozen before he finally falls of a roof or something in September, right about the time the Talons get eliminated from the playoffs. Team Captain and Best 0 WAR Player In The BBA TM Ian Patrick Anderson will be at shortstop again for his team leadership and defensive skills. Funny how we call him a "hitter", ain't it? And finally, over at 3B, future HOFer Stephen Collins III somehow has "very good" morale even considering the franchise he plays for.

Left field will be a platoon operation, with duties being shared between power hitters John Molyneaux and James J. Barney. Center Field will be "played" by veteran FA signee Manoell Whanon, the Talons clearly punting defense to get a decent hitter. Another FA signee, Chris Thomas, will play right field. Designated hitter will initially be filled by the world famous Julio Uribe, who is definitely not a relief pitcher, at least according to the experts over on Discord.

Backup catcher will be Toledo Liberty legend Mzee Kiango. Old Friend Juan Mateo will defensively back up McBride at 1B and will likely see time at DH. The infield is covered by Pacio Nobre and Robbie Sullivan, while the backup OF's will be Chris Jenkins and short-side LF platoon man James J. Barney.

Anyone in the Minors that can help?
No. But, since you asked, it's possible that guys like OF Chris Cota, OF/DH Motoshige Saito, or C Bryan Harris could be called upon if needed.

Go talons!
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Re: 2053-0004: Talons Season Preview - The Hitters

Post by Trebro » Thu Nov 24, 2022 8:19 pm

I got a good look at Collins III when I was doing my article for the media guide. Definitely one of the best players of his or any other generation.
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Re: 2053-0004: Talons Season Preview - The Hitters

Post by Dington » Fri Nov 25, 2022 12:34 am

The optimism is very optimistic.
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Re: 2053-0004: Talons Season Preview - The Hitters

Post by tylertoo » Fri Nov 25, 2022 7:53 am

jiminyhopkins wrote:
Thu Nov 24, 2022 7:06 pm
Maybe he'll hit 50 HR, maybe he'll get a CEI.
That pretty much covers the gamut of outcomes.
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