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2040.08 TWC - Extension Talks with Sang-Duk Sim break down

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 9:51 am
by Spiccoli
C Sang-Duk Sim
Career Stats - 6 Seasons - .285 BA / .792 OPS / 103 HR's
- 6 All Star Games
- 1 Golden Bat (2039)

In a disappointing turn of events for the TWC Front Office, it seems that Sang-Duk Agent's refused the short term extension previous discussed and now Sim will be looking to test Free Agency in the upcoming Off Season.

"While we can understand Sim's desire for a long term contract and the stability that comes with it, with our current situation committing that kind of money for 6 years doesn't make sense for the organization. With 2 promising catching prospects looking to move up to the BBA level in the next season or two, committing $16+ Million to Sim for multiple seasons would have been counter productive. There were thoughts of trying to get Sim to agree to a 2 or 3 year deal with the idea of trading him, but he eventually rejected those proposals.

The Future for Twin Cities at the Catching Position

Therefore, it appears likely that the time table for promoting one or both of the prospect catchers is highly likely... but which one and more importantly... SHOULD Twin Cities entertain the idea of trading one for a another young player at a position of need... like say Centerfield or Shortstop.

C Parker Davenport
Age 22
Ratings (40/65)
Talents (7/5/7/6/5)
Arm 6
CA Ability 8

C Joe Bradshaw
Age 19
Ratings (40/65)
Talents (7/9/6/5/7)
Arm 8
CA Ability 7

At a glance, both Catchers are remarkable similar in both hitting ability and above average defensive talent. Bradshaw looks to be slightly better defensively while Davenport holds a slight advantage in Power and Patience at the plate. Though, the differences could be too small to matter this early in their careers. If Sim does leave this offseason, it appears that Davenport would be slated to make the move to the BBA first, leaving Bradshaw another season in the minors.

However, the Front Office wouldn't shy away from promoting Bradshaw if a deal could be made to move Davenport sometime in the future.

Either way, it appears that the time for the team to start turning things around might be sooner now rather than later.... After this last season, let's hope so.

Re: 2040.08 TWC - Extension Talks with Sang-Duk Sim break down

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 12:55 pm
by GoldenOne
Perfect - I was looking to spend some money on a catcher this off-season. And with only $35M committed, Charlotte should have plenty of room to sign Sim for a nice contract.

Re: 2040.08 TWC - Extension Talks with Sang-Duk Sim break down

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 1:38 pm
by jleddy
Davenport and Bradshaw seem like a nice duo to keep together considering their differences and Bradshaw's ability to switch hit.

I think Sim is going to be paid handsomely this winter, no doubt.