41.05 TWC - "Don't Suck Completely" - Owner Robin Wells

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41.05 TWC - "Don't Suck Completely" - Owner Robin Wells

Post by Spiccoli » Mon Dec 30, 2019 11:30 am

It's safe to say that Twin Cities Owner, Robin Wells, isn't on board with or doesn't understand GM Scott Piccoli's current rebuilding plan.

Obviously, not happy with the Team's direction, it's said that Wells' yearly memo to the GM could be basically summed up in two lines.

"I'm pissed off"

"Try not to Suck Completely this Year"

GM Piccoli has been very open and public with contract extensions that ended in financial disaster for the team a few years ago... Players that were once cornerstones on the team that faded early before even hitting their late 20's...

Therefore, 2 seasons ago, the Front Office faced a decision.

1) Be stuck in mediocrity hell with a few All-Stars but over-all poor depth... battling for .500 and MAYBE a wild card spot?
2) Burn everything down and rebuild for the future by trading away the top talent on the team.

So the team did the unthinkable, traded away SP Chris Kelly and then rising star, Joey Newhouse... plus a few other good players and in return? Well, let's see where those Prospects are today.

Starter-LHP Jose Perez - Age 21
Current Talents
OA 70

Jose Perez made his BBA debut on Opening Day in the Twin Cities this last week and threw 7 Innings of 2 hit ball, giving up 1 run on the way to a 3-1 Win. Obviously one of the key pieces in the Kelly trade, Perez is a solid Lefty Starter with three quality pitches and good movement. Jose has seen his Stuff and Movement bump a couple points since the trade from Jacksonville two years ago. Once projected as a middle rotation guy, Jose is now a viable #2 starter on most teams, though this season he'll be the #1 guy ahead of Ragnar.... by necessity.

2B Francisco Arrendono - Age 21
Current Talents
OA 65 Starter

The Front Office has been extremely excited by Arrendono since acquiring him two years ago. He's a well rounded player who can hit, play the field well and run the bases. He missed Opening Day last week with an ankle sprain, but trainers reported he's good to go and will be in the line up, hitting out of the #2 Spot next week.

CF Ramon Gabriel
Current Talents
OA 60

Another player from the Kelly trade making his BBA debut last week, Gabriel homered on Opening day and added another one later in the week. The Front Office is hoping Gabriel can fill a hole that's been nagging the team since #2 Over-All Draft Pick, CF Wes Savage flamed out and never could be the hitter Scouts had projected he should have been. Gabriel is by no means a great batter, but the Front Office has realistic exceptions that he provide decent production from the Centerfield spot while being a capable defender.

Starter - RHP Lucio Mendoza
OA 50 Starter (65 Reliever)

Scouts can't seem to come to a consensus on what to expect from Mendoza. At times, they're projected him as a #2 starter, then will back off and say he's better off in the Bullpen. Either way, 2041 will be the time to put those scouts to bed and see what he can do. In his BBA debut against a tough Des Moines offense, he gave up 3 runs over 5+ innings, scattering around 9 hits and 5 walks... not a great way to live on the mound. The offense bailed him out and the team still came away with a win. While he it's possible he could be better suited for the bullpen in the end, the team has no luxery of putting a guy who can throw some innings anywhere but in the starting rotation at this point. Maybe in the future though...

1B/DH Jose Calderon Age 21
OA 60

Jose also came up for the River Monsters this last week. For now, he'll be backing up Jose Cordero at First Base and playing DH versus Righties. While team is anxious to see what they have in Calderon, it could be that he'll be possible trade bait at a later time. He's a nice hitter, who could fill a platoon spot in the future.

C Parker Davenport Age 23
OA 65
Parker took a little longer to develop and is making his BBA at age 23 this season. Parker's a solid defensive catcher and should be able to provide nice production. Davenport had a nice opening week, hitting .357 with an .829 OPS. He also threw out the only two base runners who tried to steal on him last week. At AA/AAA last season, Parker threw out an outstanding 47% of runners (31 for 64)... an excellent stat regardless of level of baseball you're playing. He's been dangled as trade bait as many believe the younger Joe Bradshaw has better prospects as a BBA catcher. But the team is in no rush to get rid of him at this time... Maybe a quality rookie season will sway the disbelievers in his own BBA prospects.

Reliever - LHP Angel Gomez Age 19
OA 75 Reliever

Traded at 17 years old, Gomez still has a ways to go before being BBA ready. A junkballer with tight control, who doesn't like a reliever who won't give up lead off walks... Hard to say when and how Gomez will play out by the time he's ready, however the team is please that he continues to improve.

Starter - RPH Martin Ross - Age 20
OA 50 Starter (60 Reliever)

The Front Office has hopes that Martin can make into the league as a starter. He's good a handful of average pitches with the possibility of a nice change up. At worst, he could make for a nice reliever who can eat ton's of innings. If he can progress further this season, there's a chance he'll see some BBA action, though that's not likely for another season... or two.

Reliever - RHP Juan Cerda - Age 19
OA 80 Reliever

Juan Cerda is basically ready for the BBA now. At age 19, the Front Office may keep him in AAA for a bit longer... or may bring him mid-way through this season. Blessed an excellent 100+ fastball and a potentially nasty slider, he could have been a nice candidate for a starter conversion if his stamina was better. In any case, Cerda and Dan Woodside should be a devastating combo in the later innings for seasons to come.

So there it is.... Mr Team Owner. Here's the attempt by the Twin Cities GM to "Don't Suck Completely"...

Scott Piccoli (GM Twin Cities - 2032-Present)

Current Trade Block
SP Ragnar Lothbrok (7/5/7)

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