2036.09 TWC River Monsters in Full Meltdown Mode... First to Worst in 4 weeks

GM: Scott Piccoli

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2036.09 TWC River Monsters in Full Meltdown Mode... First to Worst in 4 weeks

Post by Spiccoli » Mon Oct 08, 2018 4:37 pm

Since May 17th, Twin Cities has managed just 6 wins in 29 games, easily the worst stretch the team has experienced since GM Scott Piccoli took over. In that time, the River Monsters have tumbled from 1st Place in the Heartland to last place with a 30-40 record. 10 Games below .500 and 16 games behind 1st Place Omaha.

No one player exemplifies the struggles of the TWC 2036 season quite like promising younger Starter, Josh Brown. Josh has 2 wins and 8 Losses on the year. However looking into his stats, it would appear he hasn't been .200 winning % bad. He has a WHIP of 1.20 and only averages 1.8 walks per 9 innings. However, Josh has been hit hard when he does give up a hit and his ERA is a less than stellar 4.62. And like the rest of the team, he's lost several one run games... Game where the team just can't perform in the clutch to pull out wins.

Games like these...
6/9 Loss 3-4
6/8 Loss 4-5
6/5 Loss 4-5
6/4 Loss 1-2
5/27 Loss 8-9
5/26 Loss 1-3
5/24 Loss 1-2
5/21 Loss 5-6
5/20 Loss 6-8
5/19 Loss 3-5
5/18 Loss 11-13

And on it goes. Performing well enough to stay in games, but ultimately coming up short too many times. As well as both the Offense and the Pitching Staff performed in April and Early May, both sides have slumped in the last 4 weeks.

At one point, the team was in the top 5 in runs scored, batting average and on base percentage, now it's fallen to 9th, 6th and 7th. The Starting Pitching staff was 2nd in ERA at the mid-point of May. Now it's 12th.

Fans are gripping, players are getting down....

The team needs a spark... Something to lift the clubhouse out it's rut and turn these close losses into wins.

The Hometown Fans are praying that something isChris Kelly. Kelly has been out for the last 12 months after surgery and he's due to come off the DL in a few days. Therefore, the team is expecting Chris Kelly to return after a couple weeks so he can do a couple of rehab starts in the minors.

Maybe it's too much to expect the return of one player and put so much on his shoulders, but the River Monsters are desperate for any signs of hope right now. It's too early to trash the season and maybe all they need is that one spark to set the clubhouse on fire again.

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Re: 2036.08 TWC River Monsters in Full Meltdown Mode... First to Worst in 4 weeks

Post by Lane » Mon Oct 08, 2018 5:20 pm

that's a rough stretch. Kelly should provide a great boost.
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Re: 2036.08 TWC River Monsters in Full Meltdown Mode... First to Worst in 4 weeks

Post by RonCo » Wed Oct 10, 2018 6:39 pm

Nothing is worse than dealing with a team that's just lurching around on missing cylinders. Sometimes it just happens.
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