Warehouse Wire 2039.01: Workman to remain in organization

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Warehouse Wire 2039.01: Workman to remain in organization

Post by bcslouck » Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:18 am

Chris Workman announced his retirement from professional baseball.

Workman was a professional hitter over his career. A 5 time All-Star and 3 time Charles Puckett Golden Bat winner, he amassed 2180 hits in an 18 year career. He played for 6 teams: Huntsville, Jacksonville, California, Las Vegas, Charm City, and Brooklyn. Starting his career in Huntsville, he came onto the scene as one of the better hitters in the league with the ability to work deep counts and get on base. While his baseball playing career ends in Charm City, his second stint with the team, on a different note, he is still remembered for his play throughout the 20's and early 30's.

Known as one of the leaders in any club house he was in, his cerebral approach to hitting always showed and he helped many young players over his career, including young Charm City 1B Joaquin Hebner. After some early season struggles, the young player was sent down to AAA.

"I was devastated," said Hebner. "I was ready to be in Charm City. The first guy to give me a hug was Chris. He just told me things would be alright and he'd help me back where I need to be.

We texted every day. Talked on the phone multiple times a week. I found out he had our clubhouse manager sending tapes of my AB's to break it down and try to help me out. After about a month, I found myself back in Charm City. And again, he was the first guy to give me a hug."

Hebner came back and had a great August. He hit .383 with a .953 OPS. He hit with more power overall and managed to draw more walks. "Not offense to our coaching, I owe it all to Chris," said Hebner.

"Nah, I helped but he put in the work," said Chris Workman. "He's a good kid. Just needed an extra eye on his swing."

GM Brandon Slouck caught wind of the relationship and talked to Hebner about the process. Slouck always had respect for Workman not only as a player, but as a man. It's part of why he brought him back to Charm City this past season. After he announced his retirement from playing, Slouck didn't want to see his baseball career end. He knew he had much more to contribute to the game. To Charm City.

As lockers as getting cleaned out and Chris was about to leave, Hebner comes into the locker room and right to Chris. He whispers something into Chris' ear and walks back to his locker. Chris, with a grin on his face, puts his stuff down and heads out of the locker room and into the GM's office, closing the door behind him. An hour later, he comes out donning an Assateague Ponies hat. Reports have indicated the Rookie level team has a hitting coach opening.

As he enters the locker room, Hebner yells over to him, "Hey, nice hat. What's the occasion?" The remaining players in the locker room, about 10 players, turn and look at the newly retired vet.

"Well boys," Chris says. "I guess you'll get to hear this before anyone. Say hello to the new hitting coach of Assateague."

Immediately, the players mobbed him, congratulating the newly minted hitting coach. A lot of hugs and hand shakes for him. Everyone seems excited for his next step. "Now if you boys would excuse me, I need to give my wife a call I'm not sure she's going to be too happy about." That got a bunch of laughs from the boys as they went back to packing up to head home. So did Chris, though thoughts of teaching hitting filled his head. He was ready to get to work. For the first time in years, he couldn't wait for Spring Training.
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