Fighting for Their Right to Party (Hoppy Endings, 2053 Sim 23) [PP:2053.13]

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Fighting for Their Right to Party (Hoppy Endings, 2053 Sim 23) [PP:2053.13]

Post by neugey » Tue Jan 24, 2023 7:14 am

After going 5-2 to begin September, the Jackrabbits players offered a rebuttal to the management that chastised them over their end of summer pool party. The following quotes were collected from various Edmonton players who wished to remain anonymous.

"We needed to loosen up. Pressure of baseball and the goal to reach .500 was getting to us. Needed to learn to have fun again, and I think for us that translated from the swimming pool to the baseball diamond."

"I challenge management to question our decisions if it was them in our shoes. Let's see what you do when you see a redhead with 38 C cans in a blue bikini bobbing up and down in the pool. I think your critique would stop right there."

"Amid a bit of a drunken buzz, we still behaved ourselves. Rumors of things getting out of hand were exaggerated. It might not be a stretch to say a lasting long-term relationship or two may be the result of our fun outing. Doesn't our team want us to be happy?!"

"I didn't like being talked to about what I do in my personal time. The Black Sox, they'd probably actively pay for and sponsor activities like this. Maybe that's where I'll be next season."

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Re: Fighting for Their Right to Party (Hoppy Endings, 2053 Sim 23) [PP:2053.13]

Post by Dington » Tue Jan 24, 2023 9:11 am

Disappointed there aren’t any pictures with this TN.
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