46.19 Koga's Tears: A Jackrabbits Story Pt. 8

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46.19 Koga's Tears: A Jackrabbits Story Pt. 8

Post by crobillard » Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:08 am

It's been awhile since my last transmission. At least a couple days. A lot has happened and there is no time to waste. I built the windmill. It actually wasn't as difficult as it seemed. Koga and I were spending a lot of time together as I needed her instruction. She also made plans for a trap maze for any animals who try to wander near our home. There was an animal killing everything around us and we couldn't find what it was. I killed for the first time the other day. The was a rabid squirrel coming for us and I had no choice.

It takes me awhile to shoot, but I think I am getting the hang of it. There are other humans on this planet and they seem to have some sort of hierarchy similar to something from the medieval ages. Very strange. We had this noble scream to us that there was a rabid chinchilla coming after him. We told him we would take care of it for him and he ran into our home. I took out the chinchilla with a single shot. I am really improving and Koga was impressed. The noble left in a gigantic shuttle that landed near us and the noble left. A little later some of the kingdom's royalty landed and named me a yeoman. Whatever that means. They didn't talk at all either. I tried to ask them some questions, but they seemed to be mute. I seem to have some weird telepathic power to stun living things around me, but it is really exhausting to do. Koga seems to think that I need to focus on it more and I might be able to rely on it.

Speaking of Koga, the other day I was boasting about some medical knowledge that I have because Mila was hit by a lightning strike and had a few burns. I bandaged her up and Koga out of nowhere told me she wanted to sleep together. I need to go build a larger bed immediately, so I need to wrap this up a little early. Sorry for the short transmission. I'll have another one soon.


We're finalizing some details on Robillard's story. There have been some developments so we're not ready to make it public yet. We will continue with Gichere's transmissions and we will publish the rest of Robillard's interview in another post.

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