39.15 A Post-Bobby Lynch Jackrabbits Future #12 Wilson Villanuela

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39.15 A Post-Bobby Lynch Jackrabbits Future #12 Wilson Villanuela

Post by crobillard » Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:00 pm

Next on our list is yet another outfielder, but one that was acquired in the recent deal that traded Jesus Ramos away to the black hole that is Wichita for outfielder Wilson Villanuela and third baseman Miguel Deleon. Deleon did not make this list, but one of the tools that definitely attracted me to him is his speed. He's the only 13 rated player in speed in the game currently and he has 11 stealing and 11 baserunning. His bat is pretty bad at 6/4/2/2/9, but I've started worse bats. His infield defense is okay at 7/6/10/4 and a 7 rating at third. Both Villanuela and Deleon are nearly fully developed with Villanuela only missing one additional point in avoid Ks.

Villanuela is rated 7/8/3/4/7 with an 8 potential rating in avoid Ks, but what draws anyone to Villanuela is his defense. He has 8/9/12 outfield ratings and is a 10 proficiency in left, 8 in center and 11 in right. On top of all of that he has great speed, rated a 10 in all running ratings. He's also rated a 9 in sac bunts and an 8 in bunting for hits.

The tale of Villanuela starts in 2036, he hit .292/.380/.405 in 185 at bats with six doubles, six triples and a homerun. He also had a whopping eight assists from RF. He was drafted that year in the second round with the 43rd overall pick by Wichita. His development has been very consistent with no significant movement up or down in any rating that I could find. He was promoted to AAA in 2037 and struggled at first hitting just .252/.309/.430 with 13 doubles in 135 at bats. In 2038 and 2039, he's done a lot better. His combined stats in AAA .294/.360/.462 with 65 doubles, 5 triples and 16 homeruns in 731 at bats.

So where does he fit in with the Jackrabbits? Well, for one Villanuela is definitely the most developed of any of my prospects. I have to imagine we will see him either in September or next season. "With Mitch Dalrymple, William Wood and John Garcia in the outfield, where are you going to play the two prospects that you have listed in the outfield?" Good question.

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