Red Light District 2028.1 - The open day and more

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Red Light District 2028.1 - The open day and more

Post by Macgufo » Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:49 am

The Open Day

Saturday 1st April It’s a typical Amsterdam fresh-air and windy evening . A perfect weather to go at the ballpark to enjoy the opening day.
A excited crowd waits in the stands, mainly made up of families, to welcome the new baseball season and the their heros.

The first to benefit of this spirits is M.Ssempa honored to be the top of rotation starter for his present fitness and for his pivotal role in past winning season.
The ugandan pitcher doesn’t betray the expectations and grabs first season win by a remarkable game: 8.0 - 8H - 1R - 1ER - 0BB - 5K - 1.13 ERA.

Belfast strikes first in 2nd inning by F. Rodriguez a solo home run . Follow 4 goose eggs inning before that Neptunes break the game at bottom of 7h; first by a N. Breur double then by a E. Hernandez 2 runs homer .
In the next inning other two solo homer (A. Perras and J.Barron) widen the gap at 6-1.
When the Neptunes's closer goes at the mount in the 9th, the game seem well settle.
But Belfast don’t give up.
The first batter, F. Rodriguez , hit a homer , right Neptunes GM changes the pitcher and send at mount R. Martinez: the beginning of a little nightmare.. The dominican reliever grants a single and walk twice - bases loaded, no out. D. Kirshbaun is ground-out but scores a run: 1 out - second and third loaded. Thrilling end. At this point R. Martinez resume to make his job and scores the last two strikes out swinging.

The fans make a sigh of relief and applaud.

Yes, a real good night here in Amsterdam.

Score: 6-4

Game 2: No tranquility for Neptunes

In second season game both the starters not bright a lot, but it is also more mediocre A.Chesley of his direct rival.
Promising start to Neptunes leading 4-1 at the end of the 3rd. The problems begin when Belfast hits a three run homer in the next inning to tie the game. Worse A.Chesley suffers another solo at his first pitch before being replaced by R. Martinez who in his second pitch gives to J. Hinson another solo.
Neptunes fall back 4-6. Thank goodness Amsterdam pitcher’s issues end here. In the following four innings the Neptunes pen uses four relievers with as many perfect performances (no hit no bb).
A great help for offense who tie the game with two back-to-back solo in 6th and clinches the ultimate lead by a B. Cheney solo in the 7th.

Score: 7-6

Game 3: Pitching coach where are youuuu ?

Neptunes game is too bad to be commented. This year Amsterdam pitchers , rotation (8th) and pen (6th), struggle a lot to find the right condition except for M. Ssempa and A. Leal.
For more usually good attack it has taken a day off.
Belfast takes advantage of this for a batting pratice: 17H - 4 2B -1H -12R and 17 LOB.
Some player numbers: F. Rodriguez 4H, W. McIntyre 3H, G. Reyes 3H.
Only out of tune Belfast player is the cacher J. Castle: 5AB - 0H - 3K - 6LOB
Fortunately for Neptunes tomorrow is another day ……

Score: 1-12

Game 4: Another loss

Soon at the lead by two solo homer in 1st, Amsterdam missed to score in next 5 innings and H.Son is of no help to hold the advantage with his 4 runs in 6 IP. He leaves the mount at 7th, on 2-4, in favor of B. Latobe. The veteran pitcher grants G. Reyers a three run homers at top of 8th.
At the bottom of same inning J.Barron hits a solo with 1 out, then 2 hits loaded 1 and 2nd base; at this point B.Carr turn off Neptunes hopes with two strike out.
Then a clean inning by Belfast closer, Carlos Merced ,wrap the game.

Score: 4-7

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Re: Red Light District 2028.1 - The open day and more

Post by 7teen » Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:50 pm

Ssempa will be an interesting study in the MBWBA in a few seasons.
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Re: Red Light District 2028.1 - The open day and more

Post by bschr682 » Sun Sep 11, 2016 12:55 pm

He will be poached for sure. Should be especially solid in a pitchers park environment...
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Re: Red Light District 2028.1 - The open day and more

Post by recte44 » Sun Sep 11, 2016 2:26 pm

I think he'll be quite interesting in the MBBA. With all those pitches, he'd be an incredible RP conversion.

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Re: Red Light District 2028.1 - The open day and more

Post by udlb58 » Wed Sep 21, 2016 9:58 pm

Genuinely glad to see Barron having success overseas. Was a good clubhouse guy, but he just never made sense as a fringe DH and didn't have the defense to play the field here.

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Re: Red Light District 2028.1 - The open day and more

Post by agrudez » Wed Sep 21, 2016 10:44 pm

Every EBA team news gets a bunch of comments about their future rule 6 players. ThaThe must be pretty unsettling for the poor guys, haha. Vultures!
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