2038 Boise Spuds Preview

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2038 Boise Spuds Preview

Post by bcslouck » Wed Mar 20, 2019 2:26 pm

While I'd like to spend time trying to fry Jeff and Dug back, I'm in a rush to get this done since I have a flight to Vegas tonight. So let's get into this thing.

Boise has a couple catchers in camp. I'd Claudio Perez will continue to hold it down. He paid Ignacio Marrero so he is probably the backup. He's a good defender. If he goes the other route, Jose Rivera is the guy. While he isn't the same defender as Marrero, he's probably a better hitter. Though his hitter profile is similar to Perez. Speaking of Perez, he's a year in and year our Diamond Glove contender while having some pop. He's better against LHP. He needs to be a little better but you could do a lot worse at C.

Valeri Kharlamov was recently signed to hold down 2B. He can still hit RHP and won't kill you on defense, though his best days are behind him. Yunosuke Terada has been getting reps at 3B to make way for Carlos Munoz at 1B. Both have some pop and could be nice players. Godzilla will probably peak at average at 3B with an okay arm over there. Again, it could be worse. Shu-yaan Goei looks to be the SS. He has a ton of range and can play anywhere around the diamond. He is better suited for 2B with the arm and won't hit much. Pedro Nava is another option in the IF but he isn't anything special. It's not a bad IF overall.

Pedro Holguin is a good leadoff option with his ability to get on base and decent speed. He won't hurt the team in LF either. Saikaku Aoki has some pop and fits well into that 6/7 spot in the lineup. He will be okay in RF too. Dennis French is a star. He crushes RHP and does well against LHP. He's a plus CF too. Probably the best in the league. He'll be working hard running down the balls his flank mates won't. Pedro Díaz is the DH but list as a LF. He could play the corners as well as the starters but isn't as good of a bat. He does have big power against righties or lefties so there is that. Ken Gerhart III is also a corner OF and/or DH option. This OF is greatly boosted by French. The corners are mediocre but French brings this OF up a notch.

Maxence Mace is a solid pitcher but shouldn't be a team's number 1. He is capable of league average production. Maxim Makin is another solid SP and won't let LHB's crush him. If he can do okay against RHB's, he'll repeat his solid 2037. Pancho German has the most potential of the arms in the rotation. Only 22, he has the potential to be a future All-Star. Stan Brooks looks okay as well. His FIP was much better than his ERA last year and Boise has to hope for something more along his FIP or better in the 4 spot. The 5 spot looks to be a toss up between Marcos Sanchez and Antonio Sanchez. The former has elite stuff but will probably walk a few guys and give up a few dingers. The latter has passable stuff and great movement but will walk more than a few guys. Both haven't done too well in the Spring and it's too close to call on those guys. I'd assume one will go to the 'pen. Given Antonio is out of options, he should at least crack the team in that capacity. It's an okay group.

Bill Marsh is in the CL spot. But doubt he holds that job long. Bill Pidduck is in a setup role right now but I think he's a better CL option. Tomas Chavez is also in a setup role. Meh. I commented on these names because of their roles. I'm not sure there is anyone else worth mentioning. It's not a good group.

This group probably isn't as bad as Jeff thinks. It has some decent guys. They have some good prospects in the pipeline but are probably far off. He's probably still at a point of accessing what he has and purging what doesn't fit his team since he still hasn't had the team long. They won 71 last year. And the division still isn't particular strong. I think 75 wins is doable.
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Re: 2038 Boise Spuds Preview

Post by Bumstead » Wed Mar 20, 2019 3:55 pm

The pitching "staff" will make the 75 wins difficult, but overall, the team probably is a bit better than I give it credit for. Good write up. Dug was cowering under his desk thinking a crushing rebuttal was about to be launched upon sorry buttocks. :hi5:

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