2037 Charm City Jimmies Preview

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2037 Charm City Jimmies Preview

Post by StormZ_23 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 12:22 am

What They Were:
Last year was not a good one for the Jimmies, which might be the understatement of the year. Two seasons off their 106 win season, Charm City thought it would be fun to put that 106 in the loss column, finishing dead last in the league with a 56-106 record. No where to go but up right? Well, I guess that is what we will find out in this preview. Keep in mind, everyone I talk about is who I think will be on the opening day roster.

What They Look Like Today:
Honório Queixada
Bartolo Costa

Having two AAAA players covering one of the most important positions of the field is never a good sign for a team. Queixada did not play much last season but when he did, it was not great as he owned a .167/.255/.299 line for the Atlantic City Gamblers. However, some positives Queixada has are his raw power and above average defense behind the plate. Costa has some showcased good potential in the minor leagues and being only 23 years old is something to hold as a positive. Getting his first taste of the big leagues two seasons ago, Costa did not do very well in his limited time, leading to him spending all of last season in the minors. Hopefully, this season can be the start of positive development for Costa.

1B Wendel Clark
1B Byron Hearle
2B Buddy Bruggeman
2B José Muñóz
SS Jay-Hoon Ch'oe
3B Carlton Winson

There are many interesting players in this infield. Byron Hearle seems to be the clear starting first basemen, however looking at the stats of Wendel Clark from last season, granted a very small sample size, Clark might have something to offer this season. So, if Hearle, being a free agent next season, is traded before the trade deadline, Clark should be a nice replacement for the time being. The second base spot willbe for Muñóz as rule 5 pick, Buddy Bruggeman, spends most of his time on the bench. Jay-Hoon Ch'oe will have no competition for his shortstop spot and even if there was competition, Ch'oe would not lose his spot because of his defensive prowess. Ch'oe will be heading into his first year of arbitration next off-season, so he will be looking to raise his offensive production to get a bigger payday. Now we have third baseman, Carlton Winson, the star of this team, at least when you look at his $31,000,000 salary. Winson is not what we used to be as he showed last season. Despite hitting 31 home runs, Winson was gone for almost half of the season battling injuries. Nonetheless, 31 home runs in 93 games is very impressive and he will have to stay healthy and keep that production up for the Jimmies to have any chance to get a decent return for Winson in a trade. However, with Winson being 34 years old, it may be difficult for Winson to keep up this production.

LF Alberto Robles
CF Myeong-hwan Im
RF Júlio Torror
RF Nikita Schipper

With only three outfielders on the 40 man roster, it is safe to say that these three players will be in the starting lineup on opening day. The only other player is on the spring training roster but not the 40 man roster, and that player is Nikita Schipper. Seeing how Schipper has not played above A Ball, it is unlikely he will be on the opening day roster, meaning that the Jimmies need to call up or sign some outfielders fast. As a rookie last season, Alberto Robles was very solid with a stat line of .259/.335/.439 and 16 home runs, not bad for a 20 year old rookie. Hopefully he improves in his sophomore season for this rebuilding squad. Myeong-hwan Im has only been in the minor leagues for three seasons but played a full season in AA last season and played very well. He may be out of his element this season but seeing how he seems to be a quick learner, he could handle the big leagues well in his rookie season. Finally, we go to Júlio Torror, who the Jimmies signed for two years this offseason. This may be a very good signing for the Jimmies as he could showcase his talents in a low pressure setting and possibly get the Jimmies some nice assets if he were to be traded. Keep an eye on this outfield.

Starting Pitchers:
Tony Canales
Claudio Escobedo
Matt Mills
Manuel Ramírez
George O'Connor

There are a lot of negatives when it comes to this starting rotation. If the player is not mediocre, they are inexperienced in the big leagues. The mediocre ones are Tony Canales and Claudio Escobedo. With Canales in the late stages of his career and Escobedo being a couple seasons off a year long recovery from surgery, the roles for these two will be to eat innings and nothing more. Matt Mills signed a two year contract with the Jimmies in the off-season. He may be in the later stages of his career, but if he can pull of some sort of resurgence, a contender will jump on him at the trade deadline and the Jimmies will reap the benefits. That is the best case scenario. The worst case scenario is Mills continues to regress and the Jimmies waste $6,000,000. Ramírez is a player Jimmies fans should be excited about. As a reliever in his age 21 season, Ramírez had a very good rookie campaign. However, I can see management giving him a chance in the starting rotation. He has the stuff to stick in the big leagues, but it's now a question of whether he can handle being a starter or if he will stay as any other hard throwing reliever. O'Connor is a very interesting one. He had only 10 starts last season and while he was not great most of the time, he definitely had some highlights. So, we will get to see what O'Connor can do in a full big league season.

Pedro Aguilar
Juan Canó
Drees Geestman
Arturo Cardona
Norberto León
Marcos Medina
Felipe Murillo
José Olvera
Fabiano Perrolas
José Salas

The highest potential upside is in the Jimmies bullpen. Many of these relievers range from above average to elite on paper and would fit on any championship squad. The problem is that many of these relievers have underperformed in the past. However, if the Jimmies have the intentions to rebuild and start from scratch, trading some of these relievers would be a great start to getting some prospects. Many of these players are in their early to mid 20's and have many years of control left. Some of these guys include Norberto León, José Salas, and Juan Canó. While many of these guys have underperformed in the past, it is very likely that some of these guys will turn it around this season and help the Jimmies net some prospects. Some other names to look out for are Drees Geestman, the number one rule 5 selection, and Felipe Murillo who despite having a large contract, would be a great addition to many playoff teams, especially if the Jimmies retain some of the money.

How They Will Finish Next Season:
Next season will be a rough one for Charm City and while it will be difficult to have a worse record than last season, if the Jimmies don't address their outfield shortage, their starting rotation plays as bad as it looks, and their free agent signings and rule 5 picks don't pan out, it is likely they can have a worse record. I predict a record of 63-99 for the Charm City Jimmies.
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Re: 2037 Charm City Jimmies Preview

Post by bcslouck » Sat Dec 08, 2018 8:42 am

Nice write up. I will tell you I did sign 2 ML C's. One will be my DH and the other will start. Also signed a ML CF. You're absolutely right about my 'pen. But they can't stay healthy. Only reasons I haven't shopped them hard. They don't have much value.

Queixada, Schipper, Ramírez, and O'Connor were all sent down. I picked up some pitchers off waivers too.

All that said, the prediction is probably close to what we'll be.
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