So: Will the reigning UMEBA champions, Mumbai Metro Stars, repeat in 2040?

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So: Will the reigning UMEBA champions, Mumbai Metro Stars, repeat in 2040?

Post by allenciox » Mon Sep 30, 2019 10:44 pm

The Mumbai Metro Stars were the surprise team in UMEBA last year. Everybody thought that Jerusalem was going to be the team to beat in the Bancroft league last year. The only team that might be close to them appeared to be Bucharest. But Mumbai seized the lead in the division early in the year and didn't relinquish it until the 163rd game of the year. In the playoffs, they demolished everybody and was named UMEBA champion.

So what was the offseason like for Mumbai? Were they a flash in the pan or beginning a dynasty.... stay tuned. Here is the breakdown of the 2040 Mumbai Metro Stars

So let's take a look at the preseason predictions, as brought to you by the official ootp prognosticator, it doesn't look good. They are put dead last in the league, with a projected record of 74-88. Frankly, this causes me to completely lose any faith in this prognosticator. While I don't expect them to repeat the fantastic season of a year ago, I think this is a tremendous undersell of the team, as we shall see.

Note that ratings below are in comparison to BBA: generally, UMEBA ratings are almost twice as high for overall, and generally about one point higher for the individual skills. On average:

45: these are your all-star players
40: good, solid everyday players
35: could platoon, start, or play secondary roles on team.
30: replacement level

Starting Pitchers
Motoichi FujitaR40/40634
Aurelio FernándezR40/40726
Orlando NúñezR40/40535
Reese RaynerR40/40638
Juan RochaR40/40526
So all the starters are solid players... their UMEBA equivalent ratings however, only range from 65 to 75, so they are at the lower range of that 40. However, note the clear weakness --- their movement is very low (highest is only 3!). They will give up a lot of home runs. And there is not a southpaw among them. This is a key point for this team. Their ballpark favors righty batters, and most teams will be putting up lefties against their righties. So that is a good strategy for them. But they will give up a lot of home runs, to all batters when away from home, and especially to righties when they are at home.

Let's take a look at the pen:

Leonardo GómezRLR35/35548
Kevin HickenRLR35/35554
Lyndon RosebothamRMR30/30458
Hsin-pei 'Doodle' GuoRMR35/35548
Irving EspinozaRSU35/35467
Stanford ChaseRSU35/35574
Mike 'Kid Rock' ManningLCL30/30565
So the bullpen is meh. Keep in mind that every team in UMEBA has stronger players in the starting rotation than in the pen. I have them fifth out of eight teams in starting pitching and also fifth in relief pitching. But I question setting 'Kid Rock' as the closer. If it were me I would consider Espinoza there instead, and using Manning as a lefty specialist.

Overall, I would grade them at B-/C+ for pitching.

PlayerBOV/POTConGapPowEyeAvd KDEF
Jose RomeroR40/40455965
Honório QueixadaR35/40337738
This might look pretty ordinary until you realize that catching is pretty weak across the league. I have them as the overall best team at catcher, with the second best catcher in the league with Romero, and Queixada is better than most teams' primary catcher. Queixada's defense is a nice plus, as he can serve as a late-inning defensive substitution for Romeo. Since they are right-handers in a righty park, they should get even more benefit.

Grade: A (it will be an A+ if Quexida reaches his potential during the season).

PlayerPosBOV/POTConGapPowEyeAvd KDEF
Juan Parra1BR40/40558844
Michael McCarthy 2BR30/35453457
Manny Silva3BR30/30457567
Baltasar FronteiroSSR30/30446557
Roberto Pérez1BL30/30456657
Gilbert Hansen3BR30/30543477
Parra is an excellent first baseman with fantastic power and eye, he should both get on base a lot and drive in a lot of runs. But there really isn't a lot to love about the rest of the infield. Perez is a capable sub at 1B, and Hansen is ok at 3B (but he is a 5 def at 2B, and only a 2 def at SS!), but having only one sub for the infield positions other than 1B is not desirable, particularly with the defense limitations other than at third. I do think the starting SS and 3B may be better than their overall rating indicates, though I really can't give this unit a grade any higher than a C- as currently constructed, and that might be generous. The good news is that with much of the infield already at replacement level, the team shouldn't have to worry much about injuries (unless Parra gets hurt).

PlayerPosBOV/POTConGapPowEyeAvd KDEF
Jesús FernándezLFR30/30456647
Michael MacCrainCFR30/35445467
Robert 'Chancellor' GowronRFR40/40678335
Anthony WilliamsDH/LFL35/35586653
José 'Oz' Olivarez DH/LFR30/35763491
Daniel McDanielLF/RFR30/30466745
Jack BullockRFR30/35566546

The outfield is capable. Gowron is awesome at the plate and adequate on defense (and he has a rocket for an arm). The platoon of Williams and Olivarez at DH is acceptable, but not special. And MacCrain has great range in the outfield --- I suspect the reason that he is projected as a 35 is that he is still training at CF, as his DEF should be a bit better than it is currently showing (maybe an 8 instead of a 7). The weakness is in Left Field. Fernandez has ok defense, but hits more like a middle infielder. If I were managing the team I would really like to get someone with more contact there. Another weakness is that there is nobody except for MacCrain who can play center field. I might suggest moving McDaniel down to the minors and bring up somebody that can backup MacCrain. Overall, I would give this team a C in the outfield.

Bottom Line

So what's the verdict? I think that, based on the way the team is currently constructed, it is pretty average. It has a weak infield, good catching, but average outfield and pitching. However, there is still budget room to get a few more guys. If they can bring in a great closer, improve their middle infield, and backup their Center fielder, they could really make a noise this year. The intangible is that the team is really well tailored to their ballpark, which should give them a slight boost.

Prediction for 2040: 81-81, as currently constructed, finishing in third place in BANC. But with some improvements they could potentially get up to maybe 90 wins, and be a wild card team. But they are unlikely to repeat as champions.

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Re: So: Will the reigning UMEBA champions, Mumbai Metro Stars, repeat in 2040?

Post by drummerJ99 » Tue Oct 01, 2019 6:42 am

Nice writeup. I really gotta figure out how to do those tables. I messed with it a bit but never could figure out how to paste it into the forums.

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Re: So: Will the reigning UMEBA champions, Mumbai Metro Stars, repeat in 2040?

Post by allenciox » Tue Oct 01, 2019 7:47 am

If you click on the "reply with quote" icon at top right of any post, you can then copy/paste the table that someone else put in a post. That's what I did, actually.

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Re: So: Will the reigning UMEBA champions, Mumbai Metro Stars, repeat in 2040?

Post by ThePreyingManta » Tue Oct 01, 2019 10:39 am

Will Gibson

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Re: So: Will the reigning UMEBA champions, Mumbai Metro Stars, repeat in 2040?

Post by Fat Nige » Tue Oct 01, 2019 5:08 pm

Great stuff, I really ought to do one of these analysis for Cairo, I bet we don’t score very highly any more. We’re to much of an ageing side now, should have really begun to rebuild but it’s so difficult to do with no-one prepared to sign with the UMEBA until after the BBA season starts. You have to prepare a couple of seasons in advance so the youngsters can be in place for spring training
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Re: So: Will the reigning UMEBA champions, Mumbai Metro Stars, repeat in 2040?

Post by HoosierVic » Wed Oct 02, 2019 7:53 am

Nice preview! As a former Mumbai GM, I pull for them, but I agree with your projection. This looks like a step back season - unless they can hit with something in free agency.

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Re: So: Will the reigning UMEBA champions, Mumbai Metro Stars, repeat in 2040?

Post by FuzzyRawley » Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:30 am

Sweet, thanks for the preview!

Left hand relief is my weakness, running Kid Rock at CL until he proves me wrong!

Taguchi got sent down by accident because of my export snafu. He'll be up ASAP, just didn't want to needlessly burn options until I saw that his replacement wasn't capable. I also signed Frontiero so that gave me a bit of wiggle room on it.
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