Chasing The Storm 2043-3 Midseason Review

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Chasing The Storm 2043-3 Midseason Review

Post by njherdfan » Tue Jul 14, 2020 10:22 am

As the season hits its halfway point, it's time to take a look at the Seattle Storm, and how the season has been going for them. In short, the answer is "poorly." So far, Seattle's record is 33-48, and they have been outscored by 65 runs. Today, we're going to take a look at what's gone right, what's gone wrong, and what's coming up next for Seattle.

What's Gone Right: So far this year, the brightest spot for Seattle has been outfielder Alexander Julyan. As most fans know by now, Julyan was signed as one of Seattle's most promising prospects 8 years ago. As his development appeared to stall, Seattle fans worried that Julyan would never contribute to the Storm. Julyan has put those worries to rest in a big way so far this season. Julyan is currently leading the team with 2.7 WAR, and his OPS of .897 has made him an asset as well. He has also provided excellent defense in right field. While so much has gone wrong in Seattle this season, it's nice to see how well Julyan, along with much of Seattle's outfield, has performed.

What's Gone Wrong: How much time do you have? While Seattle's starting pitchers have been at least average, Seattle's bullpen has been an abject disaster. The bullpen currently has an ERA of 6.34, which has obviously devastated Seattle's record. While both Jarred Perkins and Juan Rubio had previously been key pieces of Seattle's bullpen, they have both been terrible so far, which has, unsurprisingly, really hurt the bullpen's performance. Seattle will need to make bullpen improvement, and pitching improvement more generally, a key component of their offseason.
Another major issue that has hurt Seattle has been it's horrible defense. Currently, Seattle's team defense has a ZR of negative -27.8. Yikes. What's more, Seattle's outfield defense has been quite good. The main issue has been that Seattle's infield defense has been brutal, particularly Eric Jones, who has largely forgot how to play defense, and has already cost the team over 11 runs by playing shortstop.

What's Next: It's not clear what Seattle will look to do in the future, but one thing Seattle has done is promote top prospect Alejandro Cordova and have him play shortstop. Scouts believe that Cordova will be a better defensive shortstop than Jones; Seattle fans hope that that's the case. Jones, who has never played the position, will now give third base a shot. Although it's widely expected that Jones will have some struggles moving to third base, this appears to be the time to learn the position, as this season is almost certainly lost for the Storm. If Jones can become a competent third baseman, then Jones will likely start there for the foreseeable future.
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