WHIV 2046.6- Checking the Locks

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WHIV 2046.6- Checking the Locks

Post by recte44 » Tue Feb 23, 2021 4:21 pm

I'll add links and such later

Checking the Locks: 2046- Catchers

Sure Fire Locks (1):
Calvin Johnson
The 25 year old switch hitting Johnson has solidified the Hustlers catching situation and looks to imporove on his numbers from 2045 both offensively and defensively.

Near Locks (1):
Reggie Leeper*
Leeper is out of options, which means he'll almost certainly be the second catcher for Vegas this year.

Trying To Break In (1):
Geoff Combs
Combs is certainly deserving of a roster spot, and still may earn one if the Hustlers decide to go with three catchers.

Breaking In The Back Door (2):
Charles Hutchesson
Conor Nunan
Las Vegas is taking a peek at their top two catching prospects this spring in Hutchesson and Nunan. Hutchesson, in particular, looks to be a fast mover.

Checking the Locks: 2046- Infielders

Sure Fire Locks (5):
Carlos Fernandez
Yi-ke Hsiao
Jack Nichols
Stewart Turton
Damek Korbel
These five are easy. Hsiao at first base, Nichols at second base, Turton at third base, Korbel at shortstop, and Fernandez at DH.

Near Locks (3):
David Godwin
Robert Franklin
Freddy Rijo*
Godwin will try to transition from a starting role to a bench role. How he reacts will be something to keep an eye on. Franklin was signed to be a super-utility player. Rijo, being out of options, is a near lock as the Hustlers preferably want to keep him around.

Trying To Break In (3):
Gianni Francolini
Abay Azzouzj
Carlos Santillan
The biggest loser of the Hustlers offseason? That's easy, it's Francolini. Ballpark no longer favors left-handed batters and he doesn't have a clear spot on the roster anymore as Godwin makes more sense as a bench bat. Azzouzj and Santillan will go back to AAA Milwaukee and continue their development.

Breaking In The Back Door (5):
Anastasio Silva
Gustavo Aguilera
Roderick Rodda
Abu Wamukota
Glenn Woods
Quite an interesting mix among the non-roster invitees. There's the big time, can't miss prospect in Wamukota. Three interesting middle tier prospects in Silva, Rodda and Woods. And then the veteran just hoping for a shot in Aguilera. The odds that any of these players make the team is slim to none, though with a big spring the Hustlers may take a long look at Aguilera.

Checking the Locks: 2046- Outfield

Sure Fire Locks (3):
Jim Ashford
Tom Rudge
Po-sin Shi
Ashford will play regularly in left field. The plan is for Shi to play center field against right-handed pitching, and Tom Rudge will play every day either in right field or center field.

Near Locks (1):
Juan Valverde
Valverde figures to be the fourth outfielder as well as the second utility infielder. He may get a chance to start some against LHP, though that depends on what happens with the next groups.

Trying To Break In (2):
Pierangelo Ferri
Luis Deocampo
Going into the offseason there were some in the organization that felt comfortable going with Ferri as an everyday player. It's much more likely that he is competing to play against LHP. Deocampo should be in that same competition, although his attitude is reportedly getting in the way.

Breaking In The Back Door (3):
Abdeljilill Sediki
Benton Allen
Kazuyoshi Ohayashi
Of all the non-roster players in camp, no one has a better shot of making the 27-man roster than Sediki. Allen is a veteran righty with pop who figures to be insurance at the AAA level. The future is extremely bright for Ohayashi, who could probably not embarrass him self in the BBA right now. He needs regular playing time and will grow power as he gains experience.

Checking the Locks: 2046- Starting Rotation

Sure Fire Locks (4):
Drees Geestman
Brian King
Kevin Morales
Stan Cyr
Geestman is one of the most underrated aces in the game. King came into his own as a starter last season. Cyr seems poised to settle into a starter role this season after bouncing from Vegas to Milwaukee, from starter to reliever. Morales was a huge signing for a team that is hanging its hat on their premier infield defense.

Near Locks (1):
Martin Ross
After pitching primarily in relief for Las Vegas last year, the Hustlers seem determined to move Ross into a starting role for 2046.

Trying To Break In (6):
Nathaniel Davis
Gerald Abbott
Angelo Torres
Armando Castro
Anibal Ramirez
Dong-su Yi
The acquisition of Morales pushes Davis out of the rotation. Whether that means he goes to AAA to be ready if needed or in relief is yet to be determined. Abbott will have a role on the team, most likely in the bullpen. Torres and Castro are similar pitchers who both had some degree of success last year, but also have options remaining. Ramirez, like Abbott, seems to have an inside track on a spot in the pen. Yi was already sent back to the minor league camp as he's not ready yet.

Breaking In The Back Door (1):
Ricardo Suarez
Suarez is an interesting prospect who is getting his first exposure to the big league camp.

Checking the Locks: 2046- Relief Pitchers

Sure Fire Locks (4):
Eru Likiliki
Jorge Fuentes
Mike Jayne
Gerald Abbott
Jayne is likely to be used in a stopper role this year. Likiliki may also be used in that role. Fuentes figures to be used in short relief, and Abbott will be the Swiss Army Knife of the staff.

Near Locks (2):
Gilberto Cruz
Wayne Dorsey
Cruz has all the talent in the world. Can he put it together with the Hustlers? Dorsey could also be in the stopper mix.

Trying To Break In (8):
Martin Ross or Nathaniel Davis
Anibal Ramirez
Angelo Torres
Armando Castro
Rich Martinez
Alex Corona
Horst Duineveld
Miguel Abline
Martinez, a lefty, may have a leg up on the others because he is a southpaw, unless the Hustlers keep Davis in a relief role. Corona and Duineveld were spotty in their first big league action last year. Abline was once the top performer in the Hustlers bullpen, now he's in danger of hitting the waiver wire.

Breaking In The Back Door (5):
George Hendrickson
Sean Chesney
Alonso Hernandez
Eric Buckson
Bang Pi
All five of these guys could make an impact in the BBA this season. Buckson is a future high leverage reliever. Hendrickson missed a lot of the 2045 season and will build himself back up this year. Hernandez was a trade pickup last year with potential. Pi was injured in camp and will miss about six weeks. The one to watch? It's Chesney. He could be the rare pitcher to leap from the low minors to the bigs. He has LOOGY written all over him.
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Re: WHIV 2046.6- Checking the Locks

Post by Jwalk100 » Tue Feb 23, 2021 8:19 pm

Jack Nichols should do well. He is a good on base guy.

Good luck!
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