WHIV 2043.1- One Single Phone Call

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WHIV 2043.1- One Single Phone Call

Post by recte44 » Sat Jul 25, 2020 1:58 pm

WHIV 2043.1- One Single Phone Call
July 27, 2043

One single phone call can change the course of events. When a ringtone sounds, anything can happen to change your life. It was a busy afternoon in the office of Matt Rectenwald, as usual. He was taking care of the day to day minutia of running the Nashville Bluebirds franchise of the Brewster Baseball Association. He was sorting through an ever-growing to do list pertaining to his responsibilities as BBA Commissioner. "Damn, I really need to update that images file," said Rectenwald aloud to no one in particular. He was handling the operation of his other business interests. He was fielding calls from his son who wanted him to purchase entry to PokemonGo Fest. "Just a normal day at the office," chuckled Rectenwald.

One single phone call can change normal to anything but normal. *Ring* *Ring* Rectenwald's cell came alive with the incoming call. "What now," muttered an obviously frustrated Rectenwald. He looked, and it was Brett Schroeder on the line. Rectenwald had given control of one of the most storied franchises in Brewster lore, the Las Vegas Hustlers, to Schroeder three seasons ago. He answered. "Hey Brett," said a newly enthused Rectenwald. "What's happening?"

Schroeder responded with a tired sigh. "Recte, things are getting pretty rough," Schroeder said with a groan. "UPS is taking up a crazy amount of my time lately." Schroeder had taken control of the company within the last few months. "I'll be frank. It's taking up ALL of my time, and more than all of my energy."

Rectenwald could empathize. Many times, his business interests had taken on more and more of his time until he had the right people in place. "Sounds like you need to find someone to run the company for you," proposed Rectenwald.

"Absolutely, I do," replied Schroeder. "With this union squabble going on right now it's just not the right time. I need to see us through this tricky time."

"I completely understand," said Rectenwald. "So what does that mean for the Brewster?" Rectenwald had been down this road before with many folks. He already knew the answer.

Schroeder paused, took a breath and said what he needed to say. "I'm going to have to step back from the Hustlers."

Even though he knew what was about to be said, Rectenwald found that he wasn't ready for it. "Damn," said a stunned Rectenwald. "That's huge. Give me a minute to collect my thoughts, and I'll get back to you." Clicking *END* on his cell, the wheels in Rectenwald's head were already turning.

In his time in Nashville, he'd rebranded the franchise to the Bluebirds. It was a huge success with locals and BBA fans around the world. He'd also led the franchise to the playoffs for the first time in forever. Nashville was starting to feel like a "Recte team".

On the flip side of the coin, with Las Vegas now rudderless it would need someone who knows the lay of the land to restore the franchise to glory. Rectenwald obviously knew more about the Hustlers and its market than anyone else on the planet, with over 70 seasons of history there. The Hustlers are one of the flagship franchises of the BBA, along with clubs such as the Louisville Sluggers and the New Orleans Crawdads.

Rectenwald looked at the Hustlers roster. "This certainly doesn't look like the club I remember," Rectenwald said to himself. "Huber is still here. L'Arch of course. The rest of the roster isn't playoff worthy, for sure." He dug deeper. "Brett sure has done a nice job of accumulating some young pitching talent in the minor league system. Still, this isn't an easy rebuild job. Who could do it?"

His thoughts went back to Brett. "Can we keep him around? If not with the Hustlers, can we keep him in the UMEBA?" Rectenwald picked up his cell and dialed.

"Hello," went the voice, thick with an unmistakeable Chicago accent. "Who's this?"

"It's Matt Rectenwald, Vinnie," said Rectenwald upon contacting the infamous Vinnie Vitale. "I need your help."

"If there's something in it for me, I'm at your service," said Vitale in between bites of his bratwurst. "Mmmmm, that's good sausage."

"You're aware Schroeder runs UPS now," Rectenwald said knowing Vitale obviously knew.

"Yup," said Vitale. "Been trying to get a piece of that action for a while now."

"You know about the union thing?"

"Of course," Vitale said. "Nothing goes on with unions without my family knowing about it."

"Do you think you could help Brett settle this? Maybe jump on board for the next six months or so?"

"Tell you what, guy," belched Vitale. "I'll take his call, see what we can work out. Bennie mostly runs things here now. Bennie! Send Schroeder some melon balls and set up a meeting. We got business."

"Thanks, Vinnie," said Rectenwald, ending the call.

With that settled, Rectenwald's plan started coming together. He set up a virtual meeting with the Brewster Governing Board, informing them first of Schroeder's exit and his plan. "I'll go back to Las Vegas. It's home," admitted Rectenwald. "Schroeder will be able to stay on in the UMEBA with Vinnie's help at UPS. He'll take Manama and their G.O.A.T. logo. Now to fill Nashville. It's neck and neck in participation between Chad and Herb. Chad's been around a bit longer, so we'll give him Nashville. Sound good?"

The board voiced their approval on the matter and just like that, Rectenwald was back with the Las Vegas Hustlers.

First, he'd have to break the news to the Nashville Bluebirds and its fans. "This wasn't an easy decision," Rectenwald explained. "My time here was very special and I would never have left for any other team but Las Vegas. It's home to me. I'm leaving you in the capable hands of Chad Nason, who I believe is going to be an outstanding GM for you and lead you to the glory this franchise deserves."

Next, he would notify the Las Vegas Hustlers and the assembled press. It would be a short speech.

Rectenwald approached the microphone, head down. He then looked up, and smiled widely. "I'm back! Any questions??"
Matt Rectenwald
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Re: WHIV 2043.1- One Single Phone Call

Post by HoosierVic » Sat Jul 25, 2020 2:54 pm

Vinnie’s glad to help out! A tower of pears headed your way ...

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Re: WHIV 2043.1- One Single Phone Call

Post by Fat Nige » Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:36 pm

Any questions lol? Answer your PM’s :D
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Re: WHIV 2043.1- One Single Phone Call

Post by Dington » Sat Jul 25, 2020 8:19 pm

GM Chad Nason is scheduled to have a press conference tomorrow.
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Re: WHIV 2043.1- One Single Phone Call

Post by bschr682 » Sun Jul 26, 2020 8:12 am

If only Vinnie could actually put the squeeze on some of our union guys...
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