Trail Droppings 2045-14 Ufanisi Turning Heads

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Trail Droppings 2045-14 Ufanisi Turning Heads

Post by indiansfan » Mon Jan 04, 2021 6:15 pm


Ufanisi Turning Heads

Hadji Ufanisi has been waiting three years to get his chance to join the big league team in Calgary and leave behind the confines in St. Paul. Blocked by a deep outfield, he has swallowed his frustration and taken it out on opposing pitchers. Well he finally got the call up and it is going to be hard to put the cork back in this bottle.

In his first game against New Orleans he came up to the plate twice and hit it out of the park both times. The next day he added another homer and he has been on a tear since. In 6 starts he has hit 5 HR, 9 RBIs, is batting .407 with a 1.280 OPS. Brought up to platoon against lefties he has hit 2 of his homers against righties.

“All I ever wanted was a shot. I knew if they gave me a chance I could prove I belonged,” Ufanisi said.

Ufanisi came over to Calgary in the terrible deal that sent Sawyer Slizz to Brooklyn. He now joins second baseman Scott Bell in Calgary, making the deal a little more palatable. He has won the Platinum Stick Award at A ball, AA and twice at AAA. The problem the Pioneers are having is finding at bats for him.

“Hadji is fun to watch,” manager Terry Cochran said. “He give you 110% and is already taken on a leadership role on the team despite being the new guy. I think he has a very bright future with us. I just have to find a way to get him more at bats.”

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