Trail Droppings 2038-12 Tony Franco Joins Calgary HOF

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Trail Droppings 2038-12 Tony Franco Joins Calgary HOF

Post by indiansfan » Wed Jun 05, 2019 8:59 pm

Tony Franco Joins Calgary HOF

When Calgary owner Charles Radbourn called the press together for a third time with a covered plaque on an easel, speculation ran rampant. Two names had already been added to the team’s Hall of Fame within 24 hours and it was considered unlikely that the team would add a third. Then longtime third baseman Tony Franco walked out to the podium and even the reporters in the room broke out in applause.

“I told Tony a couple of years ago that there would always be a place here for him in Calgary,” Radbourn said. “I’m sure he thought I meant on the staff, which is true, but I always expected Tony to be in our hall. He will be here long after we both are gone.”

Franco was famously snubbed in his bid for the BBA Hall of Fame, not even receiving enough votes to stay on the ballot. This came as a surprise given that he is among the all time leaders in winning the Zimmer Award and is the best fielder at his position in league history. Franco throughout his career proved to be versatile, playing wherever the team needed him. He played 1616 games at 3B, 626 at 2B and 469 at SS, winning awards at all three.

Franco spent his entire 19 year career in Calgary, playing more games than any other player in team history. He finished his career with a .263 batting average, 2621 hits and 409 home runs. He began his career at 2B winning his first all star birth at that position in 2021 and winning the Landis Championship. He moved to SS the next two seasons and won the Puckett at SS both years. He won his 3rd Puckett and all his Zimmer Awards at 3B. Franco hit 20 or more homers in 12 out of 13 seasons during the heart of his career, hitting over 30 five times.

“I never expected to be standing here,” Franco said while admiring his likeness on the HOF plaque. “I love Calgary and I cannot even explain just how happy this makes me. It has been my home, my kids have grown up here and I can’t wait until they find a spot for me back here again.”

Current Pioneer Mario Soriano and former Calgary star Dan Leonard were here for the ceremony. At one time all three looked like they had a shot at 3000 hits. Soriano topped that mark and now has 3245 hits. Leonard finished his BBA career with 2817 and Franco with 2621. Leonard has also been rumored to be in the running for a staff position, while Soriano extended his contract for one more year.

The team confirmed that Franco would be the final HOF inductee this year, but Radbourn warned reporters that he would be making more news tomorrow.


Tony Franco - 3B/2B/SS - played in Calgary 2019-2037
Calgary Hall of Fame 2038

2620 Games (1st)
9972 At Bats (1st)
1302 Runs (4th)
2621 Hits (2nd)
4367 TB (3rd)
1757 Singles (2nd)
391 Doubles (6th)
59 Triples (10th)
409 Home Runs (3rd)
1299 RBIs (4th)
286 SB (8th)
1511 Strikeouts (3rd)
8 time Zimmer Award, 3 time Puckett Award, 2 time All Star
Landis Winner 2021
A Quebec Lumberjacks Manager 2038-

Calgary Pioneers 2004- Present
BBA Landis Champs 2018, 2021
FL Champs 2018, 2021
FL Pacific Champs: 2016, 2019, 2021, 2034
FL Frontier Champs 2039
FL WC 2018, 2026-29, 2031-32, 2035
FL MOY 2019, 2034


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Re: Trail Droppings 2038-12 Tony Franco Joins Calgary HOF

Post by recte44 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 11:06 am

Absolutely a Calgary Hall of Famer, though not a BBA Hall of Famer. Congrats, Tony!
Matt Rectenwald
Commissioner, GM: Nashville Bluebirds

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