Crawdad Chronicles 40.01 - Does anyone know what the heck they are doing?

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Crawdad Chronicles 40.01 - Does anyone know what the heck they are doing?

Post by JimBob2232 » Sat Sep 28, 2019 1:23 pm

Fans are clamoring to figure out what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks Crawdads GM Jim Roberts is thinking. Truth be told, we arent sure either. After making some late offseason moves last year, the Crawdads woulnd up winning their division, and looked to be in good shape heading into the 2040 campaign.

Then they let Hank Brewer ... 25213.html , Joe Whitaker ... 28953.html and Jason Morris ... 21195.html go in the expansion draft. They have all since been traded, but they are no longer on the crawdads team.

Willard Gagne ... 38046.html declined his option and later signed with Madison

And they lost Jason Gilstrom ... 24319.html , Joaquin Camacho ... 31027.html and Freddy Delgado ... 30705.html in Free Agency.

All told, its a loss of 15.4 WAR.

With all the loss, fans were perplexed. How could this team fall off the face of the planet they way they had been? They were sitting on $55M in cash. Could they rebuild? Would they rebuild?

All ofseason, new orleans did nothing. Unless you call signing 5 players in the Rule 5 draft something. Oh, and they signed a Middle Reliever ( ... 23273.html) out of the UMEBA, but naturally their offer got matched and they didnt get him either.

So, seeminly destined for a rebuild seasons, they called up all their top prospects to spring training. Stud catching prospects Roloef Klooster ... 30978.html and Pedro Gomez ... 33679.html got all the at bats in spring training. Juan Donestavez ... 43014.html was there too. So was Pedro Mendez ... 42225.html and a cast of others. They are taking a year off and rebuilding is what some "experts thought".

Then all of a sudden they signed C Luis Barrera ... 34740.html ***AND***Antonio Tabias ... 30993.html. WTF. Why would they even do that? Where are Klooster ... 30978.html and Gomez ... .htmlgoing to play?! One of them is going to be in AA now?! This makes no sense. Where are they going to play 2 catchers? Last I checked we only needed one at a time. Are we winning now, or building for the future?

Then they signed 2B Reece Wareham ... 29397.html, who at 33 years old appears to be locked in at 2B this season. New Orleans apparently thinks his .156 batting average and .278 OBP is something worth going ga-ga over since they gave the injury prone (wrecked) player a ridiculous $12.5M.

So now, New Orleans likely releases most of those rule 5 picks. Sends their top prospects back down. And who the heck knows how the team will respond.

So many few answers. But the favor Jim Roberts received around the city was apparently short-lived.
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