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Crawdad Chronicles 36.01 - New Orleans making moves

Posted: Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:06 pm
by JimBob2232
The 2036 season has not been kind to the Crawdads. Picked as one of the favorites in the JL, after going 8-18 in May, the Crawdads are currently 4th in the JL-Southeast Division, and 10 games below 500.

Since this season is at the halfway point, GM Jim Roberts has decided to start making some moves.

Gone are SP Freddy Delgado and Dave Martin. Same with Arthur Norris. In their place are Sam Romero, 2B Valeri Kharlamov and a bunch of talented prospects. GM Jim Roberts noted "We arent going to set ourselves up for failure in 2037, but clearly we need to start looking to the future"

"Delgado was a tough one to lose" Roberts noted. Freddy has been a mainstay in our rotation for years. We just felt we could get good value for him. we have all the confidence in the world that Sam (Romero) can perform as well as Freddy did.

Roberts also indicated that they arent done with the moved. "We will probably move some other moves, but you can make trades without a dance partner".

Among the other names rumored to be on the outs are 1B Luke Pratt and OF Jeff Mason. A complete list of the current block can be found here.