38.03 A look to the furure - down on the farm

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38.03 A look to the furure - down on the farm

Post by JimBob2232 » Mon May 13, 2019 7:28 pm

With the team struggling in 2038, its time look forward. Maybe 5 years from now. Based on our current prospects, this is the lineup we could be seeing in the big easy in 2043. Oh, and this doesnt include any of our current roster (except for Jim Armstrong). I find this helpful to look to see where I need to supplement my farm system. Clearly my MRs are weak. Bottom end SP's are weak. OF is also a bit weak, but lots of good possibilities at CF. Other OF positions are also easier to fill. This tells me I might need to hit MR hard in the next draft since that is where my most glaring needs are.

SP - Jim Armstrong (10/6/6) - 80 pot.https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 16666.html One of the top prospects in the league, just got called up this season and off to a great start. Allowed just 1 hit and 10 strikeouts in his last start
SP Christian Garcia (9/6/8) -https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 37799.html 80 pot. Our #2 prospect. 4 great pitches.
SP Pedro Mendez (7/9/6) - 65 pot. https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 42225.html Our #4 prospect. 11-6 in AA ball this year. Might wind up being a better fit in the bullpen long term.
SP Jerry Pacy (7/7/6) - 55 pot. https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 4.htmlMade it to AAA this year, and is showing good numbers. Might be a call up for the 2039 season.
SP Gilberto Cruz (8/7/4) - 60 pot. That control may hurt alot. If he bumps here, he has a chance to be a solid SP. 3 nice pitches.

No links here...these guys are pretty poor...
RP - Renato Lacerada (7/7/9) - Only 2 pitches, or would be a SP candidate. Should be solid MR or Closer
RP - Jose Lima (6/7/7) - Holding on hope that his changeup develops and he can become a Starting pitcher, but for now, im penciling him in as a MR
RP - Tomas Martinez (6/8/7) - Doing really well in SA this year. 2 top notch pitches. Should be solid in the pen.
RP - Tony Ramirez (7/8/5) - Another guy who could be a starter with a bump in a changeup. A control bump would be nice too.
RP - Luis Mendoza (7/5/8) - A true MR. Movement might be too low to be successful. Struggling in SA this year.
RP - Ricardo Quadrado (6/5/7) - 5 above average pitches. Again, movement is a concern.

C - Pedro Gomez (10/10/7/3/9) - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... mlAcquired as a part of the Hsin Mei trade, he might wind up being every bit as good. Just 19 years old now, and his Power needs to develop a bit, but he might see a callup next season if it does.
1B - Raul Fernandez (8/10/9/6/5) - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 3.htmlJust aquired from Phoenix, has enormous potential. 1B defense is a bit of a concern, but hopefully wont be too bad.
2B - Manny Guttierez (8/8/6/4/7) - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 212.html60 potential - 19 years old - Not the best defensive 2B, but should be adequate. Good bat for a 2B.
SS - Damek Korbel (7/8/5/4/7) - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 120.html60 potential - 19 years old - Came over as part of the Hsin Mei deal. Solid SS with great defense.
3B - Lorenzo Gonzalez (7/9/4/3/8) - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 572.html45 potential - 19 years old. That potential rating seems low. Maybe a better 2B/SS, but im trying to get him to learn 3B as well since I am deep in the middle IF. Having a really good season in AA (.312/.378/.552 - 13 HRs)

OF - Juan Donestavez (9/9/7/6/8) - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 014.html17 years old - 75 pot - last years #1 pick has been developing nicely in Rookie ball. If his development continues he should be in line for a great MLB player some day. Has the speed and defense to be a true 5 tool player.
OF - Xavier Rangel (6/8/6/4/7) - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 970.html20 years old - 60 pot - will be an interesting player to watch. GREAT defense, GREAT speed, can play all OF positions supurbly. The question here is his bat and whether this switch hitterc can produce enough at the plate to keep him in the lineup every day.
OF - Jesus Baez - (8/8/7/4/7) https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 5.htmlJust aquired from Phoenix. At best he will be a good hitting corner OF with marginal defense.

And then there are the others. The backfill candidates when one of these guys lumps
C Roelof Klooster - (8/12/6/6/7) - 75 potential - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 0978.htmlA log jam at catcher behind Pedro Gomez. One of the top 100 prospects in the league, but likely wont outlast Gomez. This 19 year old at a valued position might be a trade asset for a SP.
C Connor Hamilton (6/3/8/2/5) - 60 potential - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 59.htmlTop 15 prospect in New Orleans, but takes a back seat to Gomez.
1B - Bratislev Marousek (10/10/3/5/9) - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 106.html21 years old - Might wind up being a DH, or an OF. Needs to develop somewhere in the field to be a real asset, but has strong potential
OF Jose Leyva (6/8/5/3/8) - 45 potential - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... .htmlSolid defense. Again, bat is marginal.
SS Jose Sanchez (9/9/2/4/9) - 55 potential. https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... tmlWouldnt surprise me to see this guy make the starting lineup over Guttierez or Korbel. Just 17 years old. If his glove develops as we expect it to, watch out.
OF - Marcos Gonzalez (7/8/6/3/7) - 20 years old - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 872.html50 pot - Above average defense and speed make him an interesting player. Not as good as rangel, but his bat is slightly better.
RP - Bernard Omndi (8/5/5 ) - Movement and control may hold him back. 3 well developed pitches at just 19 years old may help.
SS Luiz Dominguez - (7/8/5/5/7) - https://statspl.us/brewster/reports/new ... 38178.html
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Re: 38.03 A look to the furure - down on the farm

Post by RonCo » Mon May 13, 2019 8:08 pm

Nice collection. The Crawdads are going to be tough again soon.
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