The Outlaw Chronicles 2043-4 Very Little Drama Episode 1

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The Outlaw Chronicles 2043-4 Very Little Drama Episode 1

Post by bigmike13 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 1:45 pm

Very Little Drama

The San Antonio Outlaws charge into the 2043 season with very lofty goals, and expectations to match, for the outcome they want. They return a seasoned club with years of major league experience throughout the clubhouse. This makes for a rather mundane spring training as all starting spots on offense are written in ink, and only a potential for one newcomer in the starting rotation. Heck, even the backup positions have been mostly decided with a handful of FA signees and Rule 5 draftees hoping to make enough of an impression to land a spot on the roster. Let's take a look at what San Antonio fans can expect to see on opening day from their defense and starting lineups.

Starting Lineup vs RHP
SS Chip Puckett
LF Valentin Fitas
1B Larry Stinson
RF Pedro Bustamante
3B Alfredo Rosas
DH Tony Hernandez
C Octavio Moreno
CF Mennac Shakes
2B Tony Gustafsen

Starting Lineup vs LHP

SS Chip Pucket
LF Wayne Morris
1B Larry Stinson
C Octavio Moreno
3B Alfredo Rosas
DH Lucio Cuellar
RF Tony Vega
2B Andrej Marijnissen
CF Mennac Shakes

#1 - Leading off the pack is returning SS Chip Puckett. Puckett's first year in San Antonio could only be described ad a rousing success. The fan favorite settled the middle of the infield and became the best friend of all the pitchers. Puckett was almost the same versus Right and Left handed starters. He ended 2042 with a .280 BA vs RHP and a .301 vs LHP. His speed and contact ability make him the ideal leadoff man.

#2 - Valentin Fitas will man Left Field and face all Right Handed starters. It's not like he did horrible against lefties batting .257 last year but he has a distinct advantage against right handers battering them for a .344 BA and 19 HR's in 2042

Rookie Wayne Morris will man the #2 hole, and play LF versus Lefties. He was called up late last season to help during a playoff push but seemed overwhelmed and struggled. An offseason of weight training and working with Hitting Coach Ramon Hernandez should help Morris in year two.

#3 - This guy needs no introduction, but 1B Larry Stinson will be manning the three hole in 2043. The 2042 JL Gillstrom Newcomer of the Year is poised to be even better in year two. Equally adept against righties of lefties, there will be few games where Stinson is not in the lineup for the Outlaws.

#4 - RF Pedro Bustamante burst onto scene in 2042 after only a couple months in AAA after being drafted in the 1st round of the 2042 draft. He started slowly but was definitely beginning to hit his stride when the season came to an end. Packed with Power galore, Bustamante seems ready to take his spot as one of the premier power bats in BBA. His uppercut swing does not play very well against southpaws however so he will be platooned as of now so he can concentrate on strictly Right Handers.

Tony Vega was another late year call up for the Outlaws as left handed starters became their achilles heal all year. A natural. line drive type hitte, Vega had been quite lethal against left handers for most of his career and was hittin .363 against them in AAA when he was called up. Another player who just seemed awe struck at the major league level, his promotion did not pan out for either him or the team. But a new year brings optimism and Tony will be given every chance to let his talent blossom.

#5 - With all the buzz surrounding Larry Stinson, alot of people weren't paying attention to rookie 3B Alfredo Rosas. All Rosas did was wrestle the starting 3B job away from Veteran Lucio Cuellar, hit .330 with 19 HR's and put himself squarely on the future lineup cards of the Outlaws. he show value against both type's of Starters and will rarely need to sit.

#6 - Veteran 1B, Tony Hernandez will be the starting DH versus Right Handers and if he can just duplicate his stat line from last year, .287 BA, 18 HR's 61 RBI's against RHP then he will have earned his paycheck and set himself up for a big payday in the offseason.

Lucio Cuellar will man the DH against Left handers and there is hope he can rebound from a "down" 2042. Always excelling against lefties, he had never hit below .329 as a starting pro before hitting .268 last year. Bothered by some nagging injuries, Cuellar proclaims to be in full health and ready reclaim his status on the club.

#7 - C Octavio Moreno has become the latest in a long line of excellent Outlaw backstops. He rebounded from a Sophomore slump to turn in a career year in 2042 and become the Captain on and off the field. This guy is a given to be in the lineup as much as possible

#8 - CF Mennac Shakes made one of the single best jumps of an Outlaw ever. He raised his BA from .259 in 2041 to .290 in 2042 and really took control of the outfield management. He turned into a vital cog for the Outlaws and looks to do so again. he is currently scheduled to play versus RH and LH but there are a couple challengers in camp trying to sneak in against left handers. This may be the ONLY battle in camp.

#9 - 2B Tony Gustafsen did enough for the Outlaws to warrant a new two year contract and a starting position heading into 2043. While never really standing out, his end of the year numbers rebut that notion and show that he actually had a nice year and contributed greatly with his glove. He was considerably better against RH than LH and will most likely platoon in 2042.

Waiver claim 2B Andrej Marijinssen is one of the people being looked at during the spring to see if he is ready to platoon with Gustafsen. Not nearly the glove that Gustafsen is, he is passable at defense. If he can show that he is capable against Lefties then he may win himself a spot on the club.

This rounds out the offensive starters for San Antonio. Episode 2 should dive into the defensive starters and how the rotation looks to shake out in 2043
Mike Calvaruso
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Re: The Outlaw Chronicles 2043-4 Very Little Drama Episode 1

Post by 7teen » Wed Jun 10, 2020 10:22 pm

I coached High School sports for 6 years at a school with less than 250 students. Me and my assistants would see the growth of our own players and think we were good and getting better. Then we’d go and get drilled by our opponents because other teams were just Better and had better talent. Yeah, our kids had gotten better but still didn’t compare to the kids from other schools.

Moral of the story is that is how I feel about Portland after having looked at your lineup. Hey, we are better. But we don’t measure up to THAT!!
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Re: The Outlaw Chronicles 2043-4 Very Little Drama Episode 1

Post by HoosierVic » Tue Jun 16, 2020 6:20 am

Good grief, Mike. That lineup is absurdly good.

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