The Outlaw Chronicles 2040-7 1st Round Scandal

GM: Mike Calvaruso

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The Outlaw Chronicles 2040-7 1st Round Scandal

Post by bigmike13 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:19 pm

Moreno Busted

San Antonio GM Mike Calvaruso had just finished discussing initial contract offers to the agent of 1st round pick, Panamanian 1B Manuel Moreno, when a report by one of the Outlaws investigative team brought the negotiations to a crashing halt.

Like most professional sports teams now, the Outlaws employ a background investigation group for all team needs. In this case their investigator, who will remain nameless to protect his identity, made some amazing discoveries when doing his background check on Moreno.

As it turns out, the Moreno drafted is not an 18 yr old 1B from Panama but a 35 yr old Venezuelan named Hugo Chavez that stole the real Moreno's identity in order to escape the crisis in his home country. Chavez looks very young for his age and was able to fool the Outlaws Central American scout, Emilio Zapata, when providing his documentation. Some clever monetary payments aided Mr. Chavez in his ruse and set the stage for the boom or bust operation. By all accounts, Chavez is a decent ball player who played for the Venezuelan national team in 2001.

"In light of the new information brought to our attention, Mr. Moreno who whomever the hell he is, will no longer be offered a contract with the San Antonio Outlaws organization. We have petitioned the BBA headquarters and requested that we receive a compensation pick in next years draft and have proceeded with severe disciplinary action to all the people involved with this outrage. The Central American scout that had taken lead on this prospect has been reassigned and we have begun a complete overhaul of our South/Central American scouting offices. This is a black mark that will not taken lightly" GM Calvaruso stated at the press conference.

A local new channel was able to catch up with Mr. Chavez as he was being ushered out of his hotel room and he had this to say before he was shoved into a black SUV "Lo siento por las molestias que me han causado, pero yo estaba desesperado por escapar de mi país". This was translated into "I am sorry for the trouble I have caused, but I was desperate to escape my country".

The actual Manuel Moreno had chosen not to enter the draft and go to college first to get his education and help better his skills.

GM Calvaruso has called on the league to initiate better vetting of South/Central American prospects before they actually enter the draft system
Mike Calvaruso
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Re: The Outlaw Chronicles 2040-6 1st Round Scandal

Post by 7teen » Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:40 pm

We better make sure this guy gets removed from all future drafts then. No one wants to be taking a guy who is listed as 21 but is really 40.
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Re: The Outlaw Chronicles 2040-6 1st Round Scandal

Post by usnspecialist » Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:44 pm

this is some good stuff.
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