Montreal Aquires Star 40.6

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Montreal Aquires Star 40.6

Post by handaspencer » Fri Nov 15, 2019 10:45 am

In a stunning move in the BBA the Montreal Blazers was a buyer at the deadline and acquired all star 2B Angel Decastillo from the San Antonio Outlaws near the deadline. We sat down with GM Spencer to discuss this deal as it has caused some people to scratch their heads and others like what Montreal did.

Reporter: Why would you acquire talent when its almost mathematically impossible to make the playoffs?

GM Spencer: We are big believers in this organization that we don't lock ourselves in to one philosophy. Yes, we have a plan and most generally as a rebuilding team it makes more sense to sell but if we are not looking to also buy we could miss out on value. We believe we found value in this deal. We had positioned ourselves to pull off a deal like this and San Antonio is facing a tough cap situation next year and needed to get out of the deal so it made sense for both parties

Reporter: You have already announced that you are open to moving him again. What if you can't find a trade partner and then he opts out of his contract and you get nothing. How can you justify this move?

GM Spencer: There is several potential outcomes to this deal and this is the worst case scenario. As we reviewed this deal that was considered and thought though. Ultimately we decided as an organization that we could handle this loss and not set us back long term. We have been extremely safe making low risk calculated moves over the past 3 years. . At some point you must take a few risk and sometimes those risk can lead to opportunities you never imagined. But if he walks away after the season I am willing to own that this move was a mistake. But I would rather fail trying than sitting on my hands doing nothing.

Reporter: You mentioned their is several potential outcomes to this deal so lets talk about those. What happens if you don't trade him and he wants to return to the Blazers next season.

GM Spencer: We would be thrilled if he decided to return to Montreal next season. Part of the reason we decided to buy at this deadline is we are in a unique situation. We have more money than any team available next season in the BBA. We are only projected to have 30-35 million on the books next season before FA starts. When looking at the FA class next season we are not in love with what we are seeing and we didn't want to run into a situation where we had all this money but nothing worth spending it on. At this point of the rebuild we are still hesitant to commit long term but having Decastillo here in 2041 for 23.5 mill is attractive. I think you could compare this situation similar to Gillstrom in San Fernando in 2040. Obviously the AAV is a little high but the less long term risk you take the AAV tends to be higher.

Reporter: But why Decastillo when you have your franchise 2B Lineu Aldo debuting next season?

GM Spencer: As we rebuild we like to blend veteran talent with young kids. We brought Dusty Rhodes in for this same reason. DeCastillo has a good head on his shoulders with high intelligence. These are the type veterans you want to surround your future with. There will be no issues finding both guys AB. Having Decastillo, Jim Antolin, Eduardo Gonzalez and Kevin Mackeith in the lineup together is something we would be excited about.

Reporter: Listening to you talk you sound excited about DeCastillo being in a Blazers uniform next season. Why would you even consider moving him?

GM Spencer: It goes back to what I said earlier we don't like to box ourselves in, we want to always trade from a position of strength. Winning a title in the BBA is tough and players like Decastillo can be the difference makers for some teams. So we are obligated to look at all options. We have 3 potential timelines to deal DeCastillo and those include this deadline, this offseason and next years deadline. Obviously the 2nd and 3rd option is dependent upon his opt in. If we can find a package that is greater than what we gave up to aquire Decastillo then we must listen. Ultimately I as I conclude this interview I don't know what is going to happen I really don't. But what I do know is we made a move to open up opportunities that we are excited about. Our goal is simple we want to get better and become a force in the Atlantic. The media seems to love what New Orleans is doing and yes we are paying attention to that organization. If we are going to compete with them we must get better top to bottom. We will continue to work hard to close that gap between us and the top teams in the Atlantic. This division has the potential to be very strong in a couple seasons and we need to make sure we are right there in the thick of things.

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