A Trio of Trades - 2037.3

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A Trio of Trades - 2037.3

Post by Zeggo » Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:20 am

Montreal has had a busy week leading up to the start of the season, making a trio of trades to sure up their bullpen and set themselves up as a contender for the next few seasons.

RF Pedro Garza for C Fransisco Hernandez and 3B Terry Rowland
- This trade was simply a trade of resources. San Fran had too many third baseman. Montreal had too many outfielders. This deal provided some insurance for Mark Dempsey in case his injury history continues or when he decides to hang his cleats up. Hernandez is a solid defensive catcher and those are never bad to have in the system.

RP Amayas Moelling and SS Miguel Valdez for Estaban Velasquez (40% retained) - Moelling has future stud written all over him. For Montreal it was simply going to take too long for him to get there. The Blazers are looking to compete now and felt that their bullpen could use some reinforcement in order to ensure a deep playoff run. Velasquez has been one of the best relievers over his career and although he recently turned 34, he continues to put up fantastic numbers with his plus stuff.

CF Xavier Rangel, 2B Luis Dominguez, and C Conner Hamiton for C Dan Clapper and CL Luis Ortega (50% retained) - Ortega is the only major league player included in the deal and has been one of the best closers over the past two seasons with 85 saves over that time. The newly turned 27 year old also agreed to a six year extension as part of the trade. With a number of solid young ML players, Rangel and Dominguez both had their paths to the majors blocked. "Losing Hamiton hurt," said Blazer's GM Zach Grant, "unfortunately he was needed in order to make the deal."

"Montreal is going to have the most expensive damn bullpen in the league" remarked San Francisco Bears GM Randy Weigand. While this may be true, they were able to turn what was a weakness into the strong point on their team. Without much of a minor league system left, they are going to be trying to win the Landis in the next few seasons. Luckily most of the major league core is young and locked up for the next 2-3 seasons, so barring injuries they should have a shot.
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