2039 Recap 39.11

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2039 Recap 39.11

Post by handaspencer » Fri Aug 30, 2019 2:42 pm

Team Record: 61-101
RD: -203
Team WAR: 11.82
Avg: .246
ERA: 5.32

Montreal just completed their worst season in over 40 years as a team in GM Spencer's 2nd season after finishing 61-101. In what use to be a yearly playoff bound franchise they have been stripped down to nothing. Montreal appears to be paying for the sins of aggressive win now trades in recent seasons that simply didn't work and they are suffering the consequences. When this team started 0-14 and became the laughing stock of the league the wheels simply came off and spun out of control. Lets take a look at a five highlights from 2039.

1. The top players
Kevin MacKeith Many say corner OF don't matter but they don't have Kevin Mackeith. After crushing 40 HR with 123 RBI and ranked 5th in the whole league with a 5.66 WPA and a .429 OBP with runners in scoring position. The issue Mackeith is getting runners on base for him to shine but once they are on he is deadly. Montreal has a RF that is part of the core going forward and at age 23 he will be part of this team for the future.

Vicente Lopez Despite being shopped at the trade deadline look for Lopez to remain with the Blazers going forward. After being honored to his first All Star selection in 2039 he is starting to get respect in this league as a quality SP in this league. He finished 10-13 3.79 ERA and pitched over 200 innings. He is developing a reputation as being an innings eater and having one of the best knuckleballs in the game. Unfortunately he was brought up a little early and struggled the first couple years but he has recovered nicely.

2. The Most Improved
Drees Geestman Does everyone remember this article by recte? BBA All-Craptastic Team well Drees remembers it. Originally released by Charm City and then being thrown in a trade last season by Omaha in the Brewer deal he seems to have figured it out. The advantage of being on a team that struggles is players like this are given the opportunity to figure it out. After bouncing back and forth the past 2 seasons between the minors and the BBA, 2039 was no different. He was a major reason the team went 0-14 early on and GM Spencer had about all he could stand of this guy and sent him back to AAA another time. HE finally took it serious and realized his career was in jeopardy and this was his last chance. He came back to the BBA in late May and never looked back and at times had periods of domination. Although his overall stats are skewed due to early failure his development curve has exploded and he is putting the stats together to support it. GM Spencer believes he has SP potential but at this time the bullpen appears to giving him the opportunity to gain his confidence back.

3. Improvements on the farm
Below is a list of prospects aquired in 2039 by Montreal that has an above average chance to make the BBA. Not sure if any stars are in this group but should be several solid prospects on the way. This was a positive year for acquiring young talent in Montreal.

Kent Montoya drafted #17 overall in 2039
Don Jarmillo drafted #18 overall in 2039
Lance Harrison drafted 1st round supplemental round 2039
Mahine Karetu signed international FA
Sparr Khianderson drafted 3rd round in 2039
Peter Crocker acquired via trade after being drafted in 2nd round 2039

4. Good development from earlier drafts

Eduardo Gonzalez drafted 2038 1st round supplemental draft. Could become a star and is developing quickly.
Wagaw Fakihi drafted 3rd round 2038. Developing at rapid pace and could be a starting SS in the BBA shortly.
Linue Aldo aquired in 2037 via the Aki Kondo trade he is starting to figure it out and developing nicely. The sky is the limit for him.

5. Montreal didn't do anything stupid
Gm Spencer at times may get criticized by the fan base for doing nothing. But he is committed to tune out the noise and have patience to see this through. After the 2040 season all the bad salary is off the books opens the door for some activity just as the prospects arrive. Sometimes doing nothing is actually the best thing and letting patience prevail.

Despite the record indicating this season was a disaster there was many positives to the Montreal organization in 2039. The dreadful rebuild is not over yet but we are another season closer to being relevant again. Montreal will have the ability to draft a little higher the next few seasons to add to the mix Montreal has assembled. With the expansion and realignment upon us if Montreal is going to compete with the big boys the next few years they need to remain patient and build correctly.

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Re: 2039 Recap 39.11

Post by RonCo » Fri Aug 30, 2019 3:09 pm

Geestman gets the award for Best Use of Bulletin Board Material.
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