Brewer becomes FA 39.3

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Brewer becomes FA 39.3

Post by handaspencer » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:22 pm

Hank Brewer has officially filed for FA. In a surprising move he declined a player option at 13.5 million to return to the Blazers. Rumors circulated over the weekend but nothing materialized of a possible new discounted contract with Brewer to keep him in Montreal. Montreal was open to letting him return due to their lack of depth at the C position, but didn't want to give the multi year extension that Brewer demanded. In acquiring Brewer from Omaha last offseason Montreal took a risk due. This year served no different after he broke his knee cap and only played 13 games for the Blazers.

Many believe Brewer simply was being pawned as an asset and Montreal truly had no interest in keeping him around and his camp became frustrated with management. A source familiar with the situation stated that GM Spencer only wanted Brewer for a compensation pick. He looked at Brewer who has been a great player, was coming off an injury in Omaha and wanted him to rebound meet the WAR requirements and net that comp pick. Well Brewer granted his wish and declined his option but left Spencer without his compensation pick. The source really respected Brewer for this decision, Hank is a winner and he don't have time for anyone who don't share the same work ethic as him. He needs to be part of an organization that actually wants to put a winner on the field.

When questioned about this GM Spencer denied these reports in the media. We have a great amount of respect for Brewer and worked hard to allow him to recover from his injury. We regret that he decided to file for FA although he has earned the right to get the contract he desires. We was a better team with Brewer on our roster. Will these reports impact other players from joining the organization? Only time will tell but the Brewer camp is making it known they didn't respect how they was treated in Montreal.

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Re: Brewer becomes FA 39.3

Post by recte44 » Wed Jun 12, 2019 4:23 pm

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