Sticking Points 2039.8: What's Happening in the Minors?

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Sticking Points 2039.8: What's Happening in the Minors?

Post by aaronweiner » Mon Jun 24, 2019 5:45 pm

Rockville's farm was recently named the #5 farm in the BBA by an independent rating system devised by Yellow Springs owner Ron Collins, but while the farm is loaded, the high minors are an empty cupboard. This is a dilemma for the Pikemen, who had a great 2038 draft but have virtually no one ready enough to step in for a championship quality team. While we may see a trade from the Pikemen to be able to properly stock the team, in the meantime, the Pikemen will have to rely on minimum level players. Let's take a look at the Rockville minors: first the most ready, then the top guys, and then the rest.

Probable Pikemen soon:

Dave Houston (RP): Houston hasn't lived up to his draft billing, but he is the closest Rockville pitcher to being able to contribute. While Rockville is expected to be active signing minor league free agents to try to fill bullpen holes, Houston might be able to come up and contribute right away.

Shuji Kokawa, Raul Correa (RP): Neither pitcher is really ready to contribute, but one of them might be Rockville's best option in coming weeks if they can't sign someone else for the league minimum.

Willis Roberts (1B/DH): Roberts is good enough to come up and play at least at replacement level at first base. Projected as a possible starter if the team can't retain Manuel Marino in two years, Roberts, drafted in the third round in 2037, would be better off being left in the minors as he needs a little more seasoning.

Julio Barajas, Manuel Rivera (OF): Barajas is projected to become a star in the major leagues in a few years, but he's expected to start the year at Eau Claire. Rivera seems like he's a year away, but if he develops more this year he could be the first callup. Both outfielders are strong possibilities to replace Jin-Song Xuan and Yi-ke Zang.

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