Sticking Points 2038.20: Which Rockville Pitcher For Steve Nebraska?

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Sticking Points 2038.20: Which Rockville Pitcher For Steve Nebraska?

Post by aaronweiner » Thu May 23, 2019 8:56 am

Arthur Dempster has the most wins above replacement, both on the team and in the Frick. Dave Martin has the most wins. Dan Cannon has the lowest ERA. (And none of them might beat Pedro Rocha or Yrrigs Carpenter). But if you're voting for a Rockville starter for Steve Nebraska, which one are you going to choose?

"It's been an interesting conversation for us in the clubhouse," said Dempster. "We kind of pretend that we don't care who gets it, but we do, and we all know we do."

For a while it looked like Cannon would run away with the award, but the stellar lefty has looked more human down the stretch this year than his overwhelming early season dominance. Dempster was insane in July and August, but has faded somewhat in September. Looking for road numbers? Cannon's got the best of the bunch. Like wins? That's Martin, whose 19 wins are second behind the Jacksonville's surprising Jose Carlos Soliz. Strikeouts? That's still Dempster, of course, who might win his fourth strikeout title this year. K/BB? Cannon, with a stellar 4.3 strikeouts per walk.

"It's possible that none of us gets this, or that we split the votes and watch someone else win it," said Martin. "There are some really good pitchers on other teams too."

Other than the Rockville trio, Carpenter (17-6, 2.61, 199K) probably has the best case for the award, with the second most WAR of any pitcher in the JL. But Rocha (15-5, 2.55) could win the thing, too. Both pitchers, like Cannon, have benefitted from some good luck and good fielding this season.

"We've all had fantastic years, and we're going to be happy if any of us get this thing," said Cannon. "But we all want it, too."

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