Sticking Points 2046.3: Rockville Retains Ouakili Despite Playoff Collapses, Likely Closer

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Sticking Points 2046.3: Rockville Retains Ouakili Despite Playoff Collapses, Likely Closer

Post by aaronweiner » Fri Feb 05, 2021 6:23 pm

Adergazoz Ouakili came over in a high profile trade from Charlotte after averaging 4 WAR per season for two years from 2041-2042. Since then, Ouakili has been a notable bust, suffering one major arm injury and pitching poorly in the playoffs for the Pikemen for two straight years. Rather than try to run the fireballer out into the rotation one more time, the Pikemen have apparently thrown up their hands and made Ouakili the new closer in Rockville.

"We're fortunate in that we've developed a lot of young starters recently and we'll easily be able to fill Addy's rotation spot," said Rockville GM Aaron Weiner. "Mark Smith was really solid last year in the short term, players like Guy Shroyer and Juan Jose Diaz appear to be working out well for us, and we might try Esteban Cruz, last year's closer, in our fifth starter spot."

The Rockville front office still think the Ouakili deal was a good one at the time, even though it didn't work out as well as they hoped. After all, 4 WAR lefties don't grow on trees, but after years of Dave Martin and Dan Cannon, apparently don't exist anymore in Rockville.

"Addy was still among the top 50 lefties in the game according to his advanced stats, and there's only 32 teams," said Weiner. "We think he'll be amazing as a closer."

The Pikemen tried Ouakili at closer in the playoffs, and he managed to lose two of the four games in the Doubleday Round. However, in his defense, he had been put at closer after an entire year in the rotation.

"I feel that if I start the year at closer I will end the year at closer too," said Ouakili. "At one time I was a great reliever and I will be a great reliever again for Rockville."

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