Sticking Points 2044.1: Rockville Wins Pennant, Loses Landis

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Sticking Points 2044.1: Rockville Wins Pennant, Loses Landis

Post by aaronweiner » Sun Sep 06, 2020 7:08 pm

The memory will be of a seventh game at home in the Landis, as Rockville fell behind early and often, the life dripping from their 2043 season, and finally watching Louisville lift the trophy after a 13-4 loss at home that ended their season. But the banner hanging at Owen's Ordinary is a testament to the joy of the franchise having won the fourth pennant since moving to Rockville.

"Sweeping Charm City in the Cartwright will have to be the highlight of this year, but seven-game series can go either way, and this one didn't go our way," said manager Duane Whitley. "It would have been amazing for the franchise to win a title and it's amazing to win my first pennant."

Whitley has been manager of the Pikemen since 2039, two years after Rockville won their most recent Landis title, after Chet Rouse retired. Rouse mentioned how happy he was that Whitley had broken through.

"I owe everything to this franchise," said Rouse, a virtual unknown when he was hired but a wildly successful manager for Rockville. "I wasn't sure Duane, who was a Hall of Famer, knew what that was like. You don't know what that's like until you've broken through and won something. Now I know he does, and I can see it in his face, that he's a member of the Pikemen for life."

Rockville will once again change this offseason, as they said goodbye to two career Pikemen, DH Lorenzo Palacios and shortstop Pedro Diaz. Both players were Pikemen the last time the team won a Landis title, and Rockville's cap situation is such that they couldn't afford to bring either player back.

"They've been great members of the team, and we're going to miss both of them," said GM Aaron Weiner. "Especially Lorenzo - you never knew what he was going to say."

The Pikemen are favorites to return to the playoffs this season, and many people have touted them as division winners again. However, nobody knows more than Rockville how hard it is to get to this point.

"We waited a long time to get here," said staff ace Arthur Dempster. "It's been a long climb. We know it's going to be difficult to do it again, but we're going to come back and give it our all."

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