Sticking Points 2041.4: Rockville Acquires Curro Madrid

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Sticking Points 2041.4: Rockville Acquires Curro Madrid

Post by aaronweiner » Thu Feb 06, 2020 10:56 am

Lefty reliever Derrick Falter has been one of the best LH relievers the Rockville Pikemen could have hoped for, but, in the BBA playoffs, it pays to have more than one option for everything. This sim Rockville acquired lefty specialist Curro Madrid from the Long Beach Surfers in exchange for a prospect in order to make certain that they were prepared for anything.

"We were short on lefties in our bullpen and now we're really not," said pitching coach Jon Hall. "We have two guys who can get that tough out against tough lefty batters, and that's really a big help to us."

Falter has been rarely used this year and it's possible that Madrid will be used sparingly as well, but the presence of both players makes Rockville prepared for anything. Both players are among the better regarded players against lefty batters in the BBA.

"Some people don't like being called a specialist, but I think it's badass," said Madrid. "It's like being a bomb specialist or a specialist in anything: they expect you to get the job done when you go out there. My job's to get out big lefties and that's what I do."

In response the Pikemen waived long-time Rockville pitcher Bob Coleman, though it is expected that no one will claim Coleman (who makes $6.5 million annually until 2043) and he will rejoin the team shortly.

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