2059.12: Bears' Development Lab Follow-Up Part 3

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2059.12: Bears' Development Lab Follow-Up Part 3

Post by BaseClogger » Fri May 10, 2024 4:39 pm


With it being Opening Day dev lab training has now concluded. Below I'll recap the final 10 player cohort that underwent a training program during Spring Training. 6 out of 10 programs were successes according to OOTP.


RF Tommy Harrison achieved outstanding results from his development program, increasing his outfield arm by 1 point and his RF defense rating by 1 point. He's now a 7-7-10 defender in the outfield. All of this improvement happened despite the fact that his running speed lumped from 6 to 3 at the same time. I attribute his program's success to his strong work ethic.

1B Cristobal Cruz was successful in training his defense. He saw his infield range, infield error, and turn double play ratings all increase by 1 point as well as his position rating at first base. His ratings were poor to begin with which I imagine helped.

2B Takeichi Suzuki recognized no change in his defensive ability from the second training program for him this offseason.

C Augusto Annis succeeding in his baserunning fundamental drills but there is no discernable change to his ratings in that category. He's still a 1-1-1. I doubt I'll bother with this program again if it can't even help guys with a 1 baserunning ability rating when it succeeds.

SS Kensaku Kato had poor results attempting to improve his defense. The message I got didn't raise any specific concerns other than "hoping" his defensive ratings are not impacted. I haven't noticed anything.

2B Yong-hun Kim was another player who supposedly had a successful baserunning fundamentals training but none of his ratings actually changed, per the dev report.

2B Brock Ramsey encountered poor results from his baserunning fundamentals training. The message I received raised concerns that Ramsey would now be more injury prone but his rating there remains Durable.

LF Roberto Delgado experienced no change while training his defense. He was attempting to train his center field defense which is more difficult than training in a corner.

LF Keith Tims was successful in training his defense. His outfield error and arm ratings both increased by a point, as did his left field rating. Unfortunately, his outfiend range already lumped a point earlier in the offseason so he's gone from a 6-5-6 to a 5-6-7 defensively in a manner of months. The other bad news is his offensive skills lumped considerably. I'll look to see if he can get back to producing big offensive numbers in AAA.

2B Fernando Segura trained his baserunning successfully but he's still a 1 rated baserunning ability. Meh.
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