2035.6 Bad News Bears- Shipping out for the Golf Course

GM: Randy Weigand

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2035.6 Bad News Bears- Shipping out for the Golf Course

Post by usnspecialist » Sat Aug 25, 2018 10:08 am

The old expression is that in order to be the king, you have to beat the king. Well the California Crusaders took that lesson to heart and overcame a 3-1 series deficit to bounce the San Fernando Bears in the Doubleday Series and end the dream of back to back championships. Coming into the series it was billed as a titanic clash of strengths, as the Crusaders allowed easily the fewest runs in the league while the Bears had the best offense by a comfortable margin. The Crusaders did manage to mostly keep the Bears in check, holding them to 4 runs/game (down significantly from their season average of 5.7/game), but the much maligned Bears pitching staff stepped up as well holding the Crusaders down to 26 runs over the 7 games.

Unfortunately for the Bears and their fans, raw run totals do not determine the outcome of anything more than just 1 game (despite the seeming desires of some GMs across the league), so the organization has to take that +2 run differential in the last series of the year and channel that into their golf game this offseason. After the game the cameras happened to catch GM Randy Weigand talking to Crusaders GM Ted Schmidt and offering what appeared to be congratulations. The two men are known to be fierce competitors on the field, but friendly off of it, and one can only surmise the Weigand was encouraging Schmidt to go out there and represent the Frick League Pacific with pride and bring home the 5th Landis for the division in the last 12 years (by 4 different teams no less).
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