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2034.12- Nebraska Candidates

Posted: Sun May 13, 2018 2:40 pm
by usnspecialist
When manager Mike Wilkinson announced his intention to go to a 6 man rotation at the start of the season, the move was met with great skepticism around the league. Despite 5 of the 6 pitchers not even having hit their arbitration years yet, Wilkinson was strong in his believe that he had a group of men who were capable of being top 2-3 pitchers on pretty much any team in the league. It turns out he might have underestimated his staff, as they not only tied for the BBA lead in runs (with noted pitching wizards California, who it should be noted play in a home park approximately the size of the entire island of Cuba), but they were at or near the top of the BBA in multiple other categories as well. While the staff was known for its depth, there was a clear 3 headed monster at the front end in Feliciano Rafael, Jon Reed and Hiroyasu Osaragi. Each of those 3 bring their own strengths to the table, and it would be a surprise if each of them didnt find themselves high up many Nebraska ballots. Here is where those 3 all rank in the Johnson League in various key categories:

3) Osaragi 3.16
6) Rafael 3.42
9) Reed 3.56

2) Rafael 1.10
3) Reed 1.12
5) Osaragi 1.14

2) Reed 225
9) Rafael 175

1) Reed 3
7) Rafael/Osaragi 1

Complete Games:
3) Reed 6
6) Rafael 4
9) Osaragi 3

Quality Start %:
6) Osaragi 63%
8) Reed 61.5%

1) Reed 6.33
5) Rafael 7.89
8) Osaragi 8.17