Havana Herald 2034.8- An Arms Race?

GM: Randy Weigand

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Havana Herald 2034.8- An Arms Race?

Post by usnspecialist » Sun Mar 04, 2018 12:50 pm

With a collection of talented hurlers that is almost unmatched in all of baseball, rumors are floating out of the Sugar King clubhouse that manager Mike Wilkinson is considering a radical solution to the problem, a six-man rotation. While nearly unheard of, Wilkinson has talked to all of his men and they are willing to put their stats aside and help the squad. "This is something that falls under the definition of a "good problem" as i just dont feel comfortable putting any of these guys in the bullpen, and having a six man deep rotation allows me to stretch them out a bit and not worry about recovery nearly as much, said Wilkinson when asked about his reasoning for abandoning baseball tradition. Another key factor in this decision was likely that the Sugar Kings have one of the more balanced staffs in the game, without a true "ace", but also without anyone simply there to make up the numbers. All six of these men (not even factoring in young Ernie Kinney who is coming back from injury) would easily fit on any rotation in the league.

The early projected leader of the rotation is second year man Feliciano Rafael, and when asked his thoughts on the idea he simply shrugged and said "that is what we have a manager for, to do all the thinking and shit. My job is just to go out there and throw the ball". In his role as veteran leader and mentor, Jody Nunez has been credited by Wilkinson as being instrumental in easing any concerns the staff has about this and helping them adjust to their new routines. "Having a true classy veteran like Jody makes my job a lot easier, it is almost like having another coach in the dugout with me" said Wilkinson. It remains to be seen if GM Randy Weigand has a trade up his sleeve to ease this congestion a bit, but in the meantime this should be an interesting experiment to watch.
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