Boardwalk Empire - 2042.6 - Bruce Frank Named Gamblers' Manager

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Boardwalk Empire - 2042.6 - Bruce Frank Named Gamblers' Manager

Post by Joshua Biddle » Sun May 24, 2020 3:47 pm

Bruce Frank Named Manager of the Atlantic City Gamblers

In what was a bit of a surprise at sportbooks around the country and offshore, the Atlantic City Gamblers have officially named Bruce Frank manager of the Atlantic City Gamblers. The 61-year old Frank is a bit more of an easygoing, conventional manager versus the controlling tactician that was Jack Parkinson, and has rich experience that spans across 25 seasons at various levels, including 11 seasons with a job at the BBA level.

At the BBA level, Frank worked for two seasons as a bench coach for the Carolina Kraken / Rockville Pikeman franchise, with the team finishing 184-140 (.567) across two seasons (2020-2021) with a Landis Memorial Series win during the 2020 season. From late 2024 (final seven games) through the 2026 season, Frank was the manager of the Des Moines Kernels, compiling a 143-188 (.432) without a playoff appearance. After a one-and-done year with the Seattle Storm as manager with a 84-78 finish with no playoffs, Frank spent three years working as a manager in the minor leagues. He returned to the BBA for the 2032 season with the Brooklyn Robins as a pitching coach (81-81), with a promotion to manager in 2033. 2033, however, yielded a disappointing 75-87 campaign and his dismissal. He returned to the Rockville Pikeman in 2034, spending three seasons with the team (2034-2036) as a bench coach as he had from 2019-2020, helping to compile a 297-189 (.611 record) with three playoff appearances and another Landis Memorial Series win during the 2036 season.

Frank was hired by the Atlantic City Gamblers organization as manager of Class-AAA Brooklyn prior to the 2037 season, bringing an experienced voice to their minor league system. In addition to helping to develop players most ready to make the jump to the BBA, he was brought in also as a sounding board for managers throughout the Gamblers' minor league system. Particularly, aspiring manager and BBA Hall of Famer António Sánchez met with Frank frequently in the years following Frank's hiring. Frank led Class-AAA Brooklyn to a 376-317 (.542) record including two playoff appearances in five seasons - both in his final two seasons in the position (2040, 2041). Frank also earned a Manager of the Year Award in 2041.

"We're excited to see Bruce take the next step in his career and manage the Gamblers" said assistant general manager Julián Medina in the conference call announcing the hire, "he is a different kind of voice with different ideas. We really like what Jack [Parkinson] brought, and we think Bruce also has some concepts and ideas to bring to enhance this team's knowledge base and apply it to the field."

Hiring another manager in his 60s does bring the question -- how long does Frank plan to stick around?

"That's not something we discussed" said manager Joshua Biddle in the conference call, "we look at who we think is the best fit at any given time and that's who we hire. If we believe it'd be beneficial for the players to have that voice guiding and leading them, it's immaterial to us whether it's for one year or many years. If Bruce would choose to step away at some point, we have to trust our pipeline or our ability to evaluate external candidates, no different than any other hiring process."

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Re: Boardwalk Empire - 2042.6 - Bruce Frank Named Gamblers' Manager

Post by Fat Nige » Sun May 24, 2020 4:07 pm

I’m still really baffled why we’re basically getting 2041 news out of Atlantic City ? Did nothing happen in 2042? I feel I should be reading about how Frank did in his first year at Gamblers rather than how he got hired 6-8 months ago. Or have I just been reading the paper the fish & chip shop wrapped my cod in?
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