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Post by bschr682 » Thu Sep 22, 2022 7:32 pm

GM: " Well we finished off the sweep of Madison, not a shocker, but then lost 3 of 4 to Sacramento before splitting a pair on our current series with Hawaii. I'll be honest, I'm fairly happy with how that played out. The rotation was in a real bad spot rest wise because of the early week injury last week to Carlos Silva and the injury to Sam Fisher who we had on the same track as Silva for that very reason. 2 of those losses to Sacramento were of the one run variety as well. Almost had a really good week so all in all I'm pleased with how the boys played. "

Renfork: " Well the good news is Carlos Silva is back but the bad news is that now Frank Walbourne is down. Nasih bin Amid came up last week and had a really nice game. I assume the plan is to just keep him up now until Walbourne is ready? "

GM: " Yes Niles that is indeed that plan. Very happy with the youngsters performance. Lets hope he keeps it up. I also have to continue to mention how awesome Cole and Einan are. Its just amazing being able to watch those two work. "

Charron: " Daniel Pepper was still Daniel Pepper again this week but I suppose the other standout had to be HGH. The power is really starting to settle in which is good because everyone else is slowing their pace. In fact we fell to 2nd in the league in homers. Not by a lot but still. Thats not good. What can be done about that? "

GM: " Not sure Guy. There will always be hot and cold streaks as the season goes along. Pepper is really the only one who has had any sort of extended hot streak. I'm confident some of the other guys will start to show more power soon. More worrying to me is the bullpen issues we have been having but those could just be blips that will iron out over the course of the season. "

Sullivan: " Attendance is up, fan interest is up, and the draft just concluded. Pretty exciting times for the front office? "

GM: " Yes Ms. Sullivan it is. We have some work to do to get some of the draftees signed yet but then the next thing on the docket is the state of the big league team. Are we missing a piece? Do we add? Do we try to make some small deals that maybe get us younger or get us a different skill? Lots to look at. "

Jenkins: "Llllleeeeerrrrroooooooyyyyy Jjjjjeeeennnnkkkkiiiinnnnnnssss!"

GM: " I know Leroy and yes we will discuss the draft. As soon as all of our draftees are officially signed we can discuss them at length. For now I need to get on the phone with some of these agents and get some numbers nailed down. "
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Re: 2052.13

Post by CTBrewCrew » Sat Oct 08, 2022 10:47 am

…bunch of drunk f’s out in Vancouver. heres a pic captured from one of your team parking attendants as some salt of the earth Madison folks made the trip


Ill send Gerte your way to give your team the clap as you attempt to make your failed playoff run 😜

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