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Post by bschr682 » Tue Sep 20, 2022 8:14 pm

GM: " This is kind of the flip side of a situation we had earlier this year. On paper a 4-2 week is good but it doesn't tell the whole story. The first win was just to avoid a sweep at the hands of Long Beach. We then proceeded to lose a 3 game series 1-2 to Louisville before finishing up with 2 straight wins over lowly Madison. So yea I mean i guess its better than a losing week but it sure doesn't feel great. Especially not heading into the challenging week we have ahead. "

Charron: " Daniel Pepper with another milestone. Hit number 2000. He continues to drive the offense forward. The fans absolutely love that guy. "

GM: " We all do Guy. If we can figure it out we will try to keep him but that would take something like the salary cap being raised. Doesn't seem likely. "

Renfork: " Einan and Cole continue to be a beastly tandem. Carlos Silva went down with yet another back injury but the doctors seem convinced its a mild one. Should be back soon from what I've seen. "

GM: " Yes Niles that about sums that up. The real sticky part is that Sam Fisher also got hurt in AAA. He was the first guy we had in mind if Silva got dinged so to lose them both in the same week really hurts. For now we are calling up Nasih bin Ahmid and we will see what he has to offer. I fear he may get beat up a bit by Sacramento but you never know. "

Sullivan: " Looks like there was one other transaction that hasn't been mentioned. Shirai Matsumoto was claimed on waivers and to make room Rashid bin Mujahid was sent down. He was struggling pretty bad so it seems to make sense. "

GM: " Exactly Ms. Sullivan. Just trying to find a complimentary outfield piece that can chip in. Its a cheap claim so it can't really hurt us. I suppose if it really doesn't go well we could entertain the idea of calling up Elmer Willis but we'd definitely prefer to let him cook a bit more in the minors."

Jenkins: "Llllleeeeerrrrroooooooyyyyy Jjjjjeeeennnnkkkkiiiinnnnnnssss!"

GM: " Sorry Leroy. The draft isn't quite here yet so I can't really discuss anything without giving away our super secret draft strategy. Well speaking of draft strategy, I'm off to get some more scout hours in. "
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