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Post by bschr682 » Wed Sep 07, 2022 8:00 pm

GM: "Portland! Fucking Portland! God I hate those clowns. Gross. So 3-3 this week thanks to asshat Portland. What went right? What went wrong? Lets hear it. "

Jenkins: "Llllleeeeerrrrroooooooyyyyy Jjjjjeeeennnnkkkkiiiinnnnnnssss!"

GM: " No Leroy I don't think having more of the kids up would have helped. I appreciate the enthusiasm but its too early for that kind of talk. "

Jenkins: "Jjjjjeeeennnnkkkkiiiinnnnnnssss!"

GM: " Yes even Sam Fisher. Starting pitching was not the problem. "

Charron: " A team batting average of .236 didn't help things surely. A lot of regulars are around or below .200 right now. "

GM: " Yes Guy I get that. Far too early for that kind of talk too. I mean if you want to bust out pace numbers look at Manuel Torres. Dude's on pace to hit 108 homeruns. Do you think that's actually going to happen? "

Charron: " Of course not. I'm merely pointing out that a major problem last year is already a problem this year. Homeruns won't be an issue I'm sure. We already lead the league in that. "

GM: " The Frick League yes. Not the entire league though. A couple teams did hit more taters and hopefully we pass them before too long. I've stated multiple times that for us to be successful we need to hit more homeruns than anyone else and also give up the fewest. "

Renfork: " Well we definitely hit more than we allowed but we are far from first in that category. It seems the bullpen in particular coughed up a few. "

GM: " Right you are Niles. That could be just a blip though. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to tell. A lot of those bullpen arms don't rack up enough innings to sort of normalize their stats should they have a particularly bad outing. "

Sullivan: " Is 3-3 really that bad considering just how poorly most of the bats and some of the arms performed? "

GM: " No Ms. Sullivan you probably have the right read on that. Its easy to immediately latch onto all the areas that we struggled in but it can be hard to look at the team as a whole and say well it could have been a lot worse. If things normalize a bit, we should be just fine. It just kind of sucks that Phil Cole for instance pitched his ass off and gets no real credit for it. Carlos Silva! How the hell does he keep doing it? I will end on this though. Carlos Arroyo is on a very short leash. I don't really understand quite why he struggles as hard as he does. The scouts reassure me constantly that he is a fine player and should be easy to pencil in the lineup everyday but he just continues to underperform. At some point we will have to make a move though... "
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