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Post by bschr682 » Tue Sep 06, 2022 9:05 pm

GM: " Ok Leroy lets do this thing! "

Jenkins: "Llllleeeeerrrrroooooooyyyyy Jjjjjeeeennnnkkkkiiiinnnnnnssss!"

GM: " Well we can't literally talk about every minor leaguer so lets hit the highlights at each level shall we Leroy? "

Jenkins: "Jjjjjeeeennnnkkkkiiiinnnnnnssss!"

GM: " Ok so AAA Victoria. Who do you see as the most impactful prospects we have at that level Leroy? "

Jenkins: "Jjjjjeeeennnnkkkkiiiinnnnnnssss!"

GM: " I'd agree with that. It is perhaps a bit unfair to call a couple of those guys prospects in the traditional sense as they are a bit older and have had some experience already but they are no doubt talent for our future so prospects still in that sense. "

Charron: " No way are Manny Toledo and Ivan Gulledge considered prospects. I mean I like their abilities but they are both north of 25. Not prospects. "

GM: " Again Guy were you not just listening to what i said? I agree they aren't prospects in the traditional sense but you cannot deny that both can be called upon and will then be locked up under team control for awhile. So still a valuable future asset which is what a prospect ultimately represents. They are just a tad older and more experienced. "

Charron: " Thats just semantics. "

GM: " Perhaps but it is what it is. Besides, Leroy also mentioned Bill Coniglio and he is still only 22. So relax Guy. Ok Leroy on to AA Charleston. Who you got? "

Jenkins: "Jjjjjeeeennnnkkkkiiiinnnnnnssss!"

GM: " Don't sleep on Dan Cobbs either Leroy. I know he isn't as sexy as the names you just listed off but I feel like he has some untapped potential yet. Just a gut feeling. "

Renfork: " I'd hardly call Dan Brandon or Mike Sparks prospects. Both are rated pretty low by scouting consensus. "

GM: " That may be true Niles but both of those guys have been pretty solid and both excel at limiting hard contact. Its not a stretch to say the trait we most value in our pitchers is a low homerun rate. Both are young yet too. We shall see. Ok Leroy A Prince George. What are we working with there? "

Jenkins: "Jjjjjeeeennnnkkkkiiiinnnnnnssss!"

GM: " Quite right Leroy. I don't really have any additions to make to that list. "

Sullivan: " You know full well that most people can't understand a thing that man says right? "

GM: " Indeed I do miss Sullivan but thats not important. I understand him, you understand him and he understands himself. Isn't that enough? "

Sullivan: " Not really? Most people will simply see this in transcript form. They won't know anyone thats being talked about. "

GM: " Thats ok miss Sullivan. We know. And the masses will know when these guys all finally make it to the majors! Ok I have to run. Leroy we can hit the lowest levels after the draft. We can even create a complete list just to make Ms. Sullivan happy! "
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