TVT 2045.7 - 1st Round Pick

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TVT 2045.7 - 1st Round Pick

Post by StormZ_23 » Wed Dec 09, 2020 2:09 am

It's time of year again. It's draft time. This is where we think we know everything about the prospects in the draft because we read a bunch of mock drafts. Don't worry, I am guilty of this too. So, the past few drafts have brought some interesting players to Vancouver. The last three drafts have brought the Mounties Jose Torres, Pete Brace, and Kenny Kelly. These guys all look like future big leaguers and they were all drafted in the first round. This year, the Mounties have the 9th overall spot in the draft, which is a very lucky number for the Mounties. This is the spot where Angel Gonzalez and Jeffrey Smith were drafted in back to back seasons. This means the Mounties have a history of picking star players at #9. Who did the Mounties choose this time around?

The team chose center fielder Mike Brodt. The front office clearly realized that they sat in the #9 slot, so if they picked the best outfielder on the board, they would have to become a superstar. That's how drafting works. In actuality, what likely happened was the Mounties were hoping one of the top pitching prospects would fall to #9, but unfortunately the teams higher in the draft order don't want to see the Mounties succeed. Pretty selfish if you ask me. We should face the unfortunate fact that if the Mounties don't have a top 5 pick, they won't be able to pick a top pitching prospect. And when they do have a top 5 pick...well Richie Vanness and Daniel Avila will tell you what happens next.

Anyway, we're supposed to be talking about Brodt. He was one of the best players left on the board. If you happen to recognize the name, he was actually drafted by the Charlotte Cougars at #2 overall last season, but they failed to sign him for some unknown reason, which netted them a compensation pick in a fantastic draft class. As for the Mounties, it gives them the best outfield prospect in the draft. Brodt has shown in college that he can actually handle the center field position. With Smith and Castillo set to handle the corner outfield positions possibly until the end of the decade, there is an open center field spot for the taking. Not only can Brodt field the ball, he can also hit the ball. He is a contact hitter with some above average gap power. He is also able to get on base and avoid strikeouts. He doesn't project to have massive power, but he likely has 10+ HR seasons in his future. Also, he has great intangibles as his college coaches raved about his work ethic. Of course, with the positives comes the negatives. Brodt is 23 years old, but he will likely not be ready for a starting BBA job until 2048. A 26 year old rookie is not exactly ideal. However, it's not impossible to have elite seasons in your early to mid-30's. Just ask Carlton Winson. Also, the likelihood of Brodt having a role as a pitcher in the BBA is very unlikely. It's likely best if he focuses on hitting.

This is a high risk, high reward pick. Brodt doesn't have the blazing speed, but he has top of the order potential with above average or even elite defense. This isn't Jeffrey Smith. Brodt won't be ready for the BBA less than 1 year after being drafted at #9. This will take some time. But if everything works out, this an everyday center fielder with all star potential. These kind of draft classes are always fun, especially if your El Paso. Have fun with your knuckleballer. Maybe if this franchise moves, a generational prospect will be waiting for me.
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Re: TVT 2045.7 - 1st Round Pick

Post by Dington » Wed Dec 09, 2020 11:01 am

Love his skillset. I'll be watching carefully to see if he develops. If so, nice centerfielder at the top of your lineup.
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Re: TVT 2045.7 - 1st Round Pick

Post by 7teen » Thu Dec 10, 2020 10:16 am

Dington wrote:
Wed Dec 09, 2020 11:01 am
Love his skillset. I'll be watching carefully to see if he develops. If so, nice centerfielder at the top of your lineup.
Exactly this. If he develops, it's a good pick.
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