TVT 2045.9 - Top Prospects Debut

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TVT 2045.9 - Top Prospects Debut

Post by StormZ_23 » Tue Jan 26, 2021 2:30 pm

September is always a great time for rebuilding teams. This is where the 26 man roster is expanded to a 40 man roster. You know what that means? We get to see the AAAA players and the top prospects. The Mounties have endured plenty of injuries this year, so we have seen plenty of AAAA players. In fact, there were probably some AAAA players on the opening day roster. Just look at the record. Remember when we were near .500 at the all star break? Well, at least we are getting a top 10 pick. Back on topic, two of the Mounties top prospects have made their debuts recently and we have to talk about them.

First we have to talk about one of the most promising prospects in the organization, Francisco Martinez. Drafted at 12th overall in the 2041 draft, Martinez was reportedly considered for the opening day roster, but the organization wanted him to work on his skills as second base. The problem with Martinez is his below average defense at second base. The Mounties have plenty of first base prospects, so while Martinez could possibly win gold gloves at first base, it would be in the best interest for everyone if he could handle second base. Unfortunately, his range isn't quite up to par, so he will likely start next season at first base. As for what he looks like right now, he has absolutely crushed the baseball in the 11 big league games he's played. 5 home runs, 5 doubles, 1.271 OPS in 11 games. Look for Martinez in the 2046 rookie of the year race.

Another player who could be in the rookie of the year race next year is Jose Torres. He was drafted at #25 overall in the 2042 draft. Torres may not quite be a #1 starter, but he could potentially handle the middle of the rotation for the next few seasons. Torres is the kind of pitcher who throws nasty pitches, but doesn't always know where the ball will end up. In his first two starts, he has thrown more walks than strikeouts, but he only has a 2.89 ERA. It will be interesting to see how Torres performs in a full season.

There are a few more players who will likely make their debuts next season such as Hideaki Shibutani, Kenny Kelly, and Eduardo Garcia. 2046 will likely be another rebuilding year, but the Mounties may be back in the playoff hunt sometime soon.
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