TVT 2040.6 - Arellano Traded

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TVT 2040.6 - Arellano Traded

Post by StormZ_23 » Wed Nov 20, 2019 1:36 pm

Yesterday, just a few hours before the trade deadline closed, Vancouver pulled off a trade that had been rumored for a while. Jose Arellano was traded to the Omaha Hawks for Lando Klomp, Sef Beday, and Rafael Gonzalez. Let's talk about the deal.

Arellano clearly wasn't working out in Vancouver for some odd reason He has gotten worse every single season in the majors, so it was best to trade him while he was still young. Omaha is getting a pitcher with 4 more years of control and unfulfilled potential. We have already seen him do well in Omaha as he won his first two starts. He had 1.4 WAR in Vancouver, in his two starts in Omaha he has 0.5 WAR. Obviously, this probably won't last as he also faced the same team in both starts, Twin Cities. But, it does leave a bad taste in our mouths. However, we do wish him all the best in Omaha.

It's not like we got fleeced. We got some interesting players in the deal. Lando Klomp is a wild card. In theory, in Vancouver's pitchers park, he could have a resurgence in this final month of the season. If that happens, expect the front office to look to extend him on a team friendly deal. Worst case scenario, he becomes a very good reliever. With no real outfielders in the minors, expect Sef Beday to become the fourth outfielder for the Mounties next season. He plays solid defense and is very fast on the base paths. So he is nice pickup. Gonzalez was probably thrown in by Omaha to sweeten the deal. He is not a bad player though. He has good power, isn't terrible at defense, and has a few years of control. A decent depth option for Vancouver.

The key to this deal was always going to Klomp. How he finishes this season will dictate how we view this deal in the future. Hopefully, he can have a resurgence and figure things out in Vancouver.

The rebuild continues. Thanks for reading!
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