TVT 2046.8 - 2 Silk Candidates = Under .500

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TVT 2046.8 - 2 Silk Candidates = Under .500

Post by StormZ_23 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 3:03 am

Sometimes it's not too difficult to acquire a player that has MVP level talent. This could be done either through trade or free agency. There's more difficulty in developing a homegrown player into someone with MVP level talent. So, imagine developing two MVP level guys at the same time and your team is still one of the worst in the league. That takes some special kind of skill. Honestly you could Angel Gonzalez in this conversation since he won a FL Silk award in a Mounties uniform and still has the talent to win another one in San Fernando. However, the players we are referring to are Fernando Castillo and Jeffrey Smith.

Castillo and Smith were both part of the 2041 playoff squad. That squad was destined for great things, but it wasn't meant to be. After that season Castillo and Smith turned into all star level players, but nothing more. Last season, Castillo became one of the best hitters in the league. Right now, Castillo and Smith are arguably the two best hitters in the FL, at least according to WAR. But, how are the Mounties performing? They are 36-53. They will likely finish with a worse record than last season. How is this possible? Every hitter outside of Smith and Castillo has been somewhere between abysmal and okay. The best players have been Brad Parkinson and Francisco Martinez. Everyone else has been forgettable. Parkinson has finally come into his own as a DH and will hopefully end the season around 2 WAR. Martinez came up in September last season and accumulated 1.0 WAR in 15 games. This year, he has spent most of the season with a negative WAR going as far as -0.7. However, in the past few weeks, he has finally been playing to his potential and may ramp up production in the second half of the season.

The other problem has been pitching. Interestingly, this may be the best bullpen that GM Taylor Bettencourt has ever assembled. He typically signs a bunch of relievers on 1 year deals and hopes for the best. This year is the best crop yet. The real issue is starting pitching. Everyone is either underperforming or is just bad. 3 of the current starters are rookies, so hopefully they can pick up production. It really makes you wonder how the park factor change of 2042 altered this franchise. For now, Smith and Castillo will both be all stars. Reliever Raul Garcia may join them too. 3 all stars, 2 Silk candidates, 36-53 record? ok lol
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Re: TVT 2046.8 - 2 Silk Candidates = Under .500

Post by usnspecialist » Sat Mar 27, 2021 4:12 am

Ironically Smith will probably end up blocking his old teammate from an ASG start. Those two truly are incredible.
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