TVT 2044.16 - Is the Fire Sale Coming?

GM: Taylor Bettencourt

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TVT 2044.16 - Is the Fire Sale Coming?

Post by StormZ_23 » Wed Sep 30, 2020 5:30 pm

It's pretty easy to see that the Mounties are going no where this season. This is their worst start to a season in years. Was this expected? If you're a pessimist, then yes. But, considering how well the 3 outfielders are doing, the reasoning for this slow start is simple. Pitching. The Mounties have a couple of pitching prospects that will be major league ready soon, but that will likely not be enough to compete for a playoff spot in the Frick League. This has caused fans to consider the idea of the Mounties trading anyone with value. Unfortunately, that would likely include the 3 big outfielders (Gonzalez, Castillo, and Smith).

The Mounties actually did make a trade just recently. They traded infielder Roberto Beltran to the Omaha Cyclones in exchange for outfielder Carlos Arroyo and pitcher Angelo Rodriguez. Beltran was drafted by the Mounties in the 3rd round of the 2038 draft. For the past few seasons, he has been around the infield, displaying his elite defensive prowess. However, he has never been able to get it done at the plate. He's much more valuable as a backup infielder. In return, the Mounties received international prospect Carlos Arroyo. Arroyo will be getting his first taste of rookie league action very soon. His skills are very raw, but he has shown the intangibles to become a successful player. Rodriguez is a relief pitcher that will likely be sent to rookie league or short season A. While he hasn't really shown the desire to go the extra mile, he definitely has the potential.

This is likely the first of many trades before the deadline approaches. GM Taylor Bettencourt did say last season that he promised to re-sign all of the 3 outfielders. Smith was re-signed on a team friendly 6 year deal, while Gonzalez and Castillo will be eligible for a long term extension after this season. All of them are carrying the Mounties offense and would be huge additions to playoff teams. Whether any of them will be traded remains to be seen, but if there is anytime for the Mounties to conduct a fire sale, it's now.
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Re: TVT 2044.16 - Is the Fire Sale Coming?

Post by recte44 » Thu Oct 01, 2020 9:54 pm

Seems like there might be a buyers market right now.
Matt Rectenwald
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Re: TVT 2044.16 - Is the Fire Sale Coming?

Post by 7teen » Tue Oct 06, 2020 9:55 am

I think my ability to evaluate things these days is terrible. I felt your pitching, while having some weaknesses, was good enough with your offense to stay in the Pacific race. At least enough to compete for a wild card.
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