TVT 2039.3 - Money!

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TVT 2039.3 - Money!

Post by StormZ_23 » Fri Jun 21, 2019 5:04 pm

We are now in the preseason so it is almost time for some spring training baseball. However, this spring training will feel a little different. The Mounties have actually spent money on players. The team has been freed from the majority of their overpriced contracts. They have brought in a few names to deals actually worth money, so let's take a look and see who the team has brought in.

2B Valeri Kharlamov
Signed: 12/16/2038

Valeri is a household name in the late stage of his career. He was a star during his prime, even playing for the Mounties around a decade ago. However, last season Valeri played for Boise and did not play that well. He finished the season with the line .230/.361/.316. At this point of his career, Valeri is a big name that will get the fans hyped in the off-season and hold his own at the second base position. The Mounties have a hole at the second base spot, so being on a one year deal, Valeri fits perfectly.

P Gerardo Fajardo
Signed: 12/31/2038

Fajardo only played 7 games in the majors last season as his season ended abruptly with a torn meniscus. At his peak, Fajardo was a star pitcher for Huntsville, being a key member in their 2028 championship run. In 2027, he pitched a no hitter against Yellow Springs. So, what is he now? Well, with many young pitchers hungry for a shot in the Mounties rotation and with Fajardo's injury history, he will most likely be a long reliever for the year. He will definitely help keep the locker room in check and be a mentor for the young pitchers. A pattern we noticed from these signings was that many of these players are considered leaders, which will definitely help this young Vancouver team, especially with a new manager settling in.

LF Domenic Wyatt
Signed: 1/16/2039

Wyatt is another guy past his prime. Last season, he hit 37 home runs, but struck out almost 200 times and hit under .200. What makes this signing good for the Mounties? With many outfielders from last season leaving the team, the Mounties had a hole in left field and Wyatt is a capable fielder. He has deceptive speed for a power hitter, which allows him to steal bases and play solid defense. Unfortunately, he cannot hit for contact, so stealing bases won't be a regular occurrence. In essence, Wyatt is a power hitting outfielder who can play good defense. He is a stopgap until Fernando Castillo is ready to come up.

C Andrés Martinez
Signed: 1/16/2039

Martinez signed the biggest deal as he signed a 3 year contract worth up to $13,500,000, granted the 3rd season is a team option. The Mounties have no big name catching prospects and have been rotating catchers since Hotha Popo was traded a couple seasons ago. So, it's nice to know that someone will be staying in the catching spot for more than one season. Martinez is 33 now, so what should we expect of him? Well, he has a great arm and is decent at framing pitches. As for his hitting ability, he can draw walks, but he will definitely be sitting in the bottom third of the lineup. Overall, Martinez will help bring fans to games, sell jerseys, and should be reliable at the catcher spot.

SS Derrek Kennedy
Signed: 1/26/2039

Signed to a one year contract, Kennedy will help bring some stability to the middle infield. He will most likely play the shortstop position, as the Mounties have no clear answer for that position until prospects are ready. He will probably platoon with another shortstop as Kennedy is better suited against lefties. As for his defense, he does not have the greatest range, but he has a cannon for an arm. Along with Martinez, he will probably be best suited at the bottom third of the lineup. Essentially, the Mounties have brought in someone who can lead an infield and give advice to the younger players.

The theme for this group of guys is leadership. Many of these guys are past their primes, but they are intelligent guys that can pass knowledge to the younger players and be leaders in the locker room. These guys should bring up fan interest as well. The Mounties have finally had a decent free agent period, the first one in many years. Let's hope these guys can help this team win some games and bring morale up.

The rebuild continues. Thanks for reading!
Taylor Bettencourt
Vancouver Mounties GM (2037 - Present)

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Re: TVT 2039.3 - Money!

Post by ae37jr » Fri Jun 21, 2019 6:11 pm

I was after many of the same free agents for the same reasons. The three I ended up signing....

1. Extremely Popular for FI
2. A team captain
3. A solid defensive catcher to help out the young pitchers

Not the sexiest of signings, but that group you got should stabilize the top end while building from below.
Alan Ehlers
GM of the Brooklyn Robins

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Re: TVT 2039.3 - Money!

Post by RonCo » Sat Jun 22, 2019 1:10 am

Castillo should be a very nice player.
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