The Vancouver Times - 2037, Issue 3

GM: Taylor Bettencourt

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The Vancouver Times - 2037, Issue 3

Post by StormZ_23 » Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:42 pm

Welcome back to The Vancouver Times! Our last article was about a month ago, just ignore that, we are on a very inconsistent schedule, which also describes the form that the Mounties find themselves in. Since our first article, the Mounties have found themselves going up and down, being in the wild card race at one point and now back to where they were predicted in the preseason. Let’s look at what has happened in these past weeks.

We’re going to have to start off with some injury news because the Mounties have had a fair share of injuries in the first couple of months to this season. One of those players being Rodrigo Lugo. He has been a pretty solid reliever for the Mounties, the problem is that he is the definition of injury prone. He started off the season on the DL with a strained triceps and after a rehab stint in the minors, he ruptures a disc in his back, sidelining him for the rest of the season. This has been the career of Lugo so far. Another man in the Mounties organization has been sidelined for the rest of the season as well, that player is Luis Miguel Duran . You may remember we talked about him an article a couple months ago where we said he was a prospect to watch out for in AAA this season. He had limited time in AAA last season because he ruptured his UCL, keeping him out for a year to recover. Well, in early April we received news that he will miss the rest of this season because he suffered a setback in his recovery, requiring him to have another surgery and miss 15 months. You cannot make that up. He is missing over two years in his development recovering from surgery. He will hopefully be back by when he is 21 and hopefully, he doesn’t lose the talent he showed in AAA last season. We wish nothing but a speedy recovery for both Lugo and Duran.

Now onto some better news for the Mounties. At the team’s high point, they were at a record of 24-23 and sitting in wild card contention in the Frick League. The problem is that an injury to Rashardo Menne III and Ki-seop Park falling back to Earth also brought the Mounties back to Earth as they are now 30-37 and sit last in the division. Hotha Popo is still playing very well in what is possibly his best season so far in his career. Hitting with a line of .321/.437/.433 as well as walking more than he strikes out, Popo is showing in his contract year why a contender should find his services useful for a deep postseason run. If Popo continues this high level of play, expect the Mounties to look to find a trade partner before the August 21st trade deadline. As for pitching, the Mounties have been decent so far. However, we found that when the starter pitches well, the bullpen won’t have to do much because this manager does not seem to know this bullpen exists. Have you seen the pitch counts for some of these starting pitchers? It has gone as high as 140 pitches thrown. It’s pretty crazy at this point and we wouldn’t be surprised if José Zamora's arm flew off before the end of this season.

The draft just occurred as well and the Mounties made some pretty solid picks that could be very good in the future. This is Taylor Bettencourt’s first season as general manager and it has gone surprisingly well so far as he has somehow passed expectations by having a decent pitching staff and with Hotha Popo playing very good baseball. We still expect the Mounties to finish last season this season, but let’s hope that they do so in style. See you next month!
Taylor Bettencourt
Vancouver Mounties GM (2037 - Present)

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Re: The Vancouver Times - 2037, Issue 3

Post by recte44 » Wed Jan 16, 2019 11:24 am

You have some interesting players to build around- rebuild could be relatively quick. Nice start and glad to have you in the league!
Matt Rectenwald
Commissioner, GM: Las Vegas Hustlers

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