The Vancouver Times - 2037, Issue 1

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The Vancouver Times - 2037, Issue 1

Post by StormZ_23 » Sun Nov 25, 2018 10:19 pm

Last season was not a good one for Vancouver. With the combination of bad contracts, injuries, and underperforming players, Vancouver were destined for last place. Looking at next season for Vancouver, you will find players who are overpaid and will not create a winning culture. So, we here at the Vancouver Times believe that the Mounties could start making noise in two or three seasons at the latest. The Mounties have young players on the major league roster like Juan Guerrero and Rashardo Menne III that should be players to build around for the next great Vancouver team. Well, where are the rest of the players that will be on the next great Vancouver team? There are in next year's draft, other team's farm systems, and in the Vancouver farm system. Now, we can't predict who the Mounties will draft or could trade for, but we can showcase some of the great and intriguing prospects in the farm. So, here are some players who could play a part on that next great Vancouver team.

Fernando Castillo
The #19 overall prospect in the BBA has a great future ahead of him. Castillo has displayed the tools needed to become a star in the league, now it just comes to putting it all together. This scouting discovery from Nicaragua did not have the best first season in rookie ball, hitting for a line of .238/.293/.369. However, just looking at the raw talent of this kid, he should become an average to above average right fielder that hits for extra bases and steals bases at the very least, which is still very valuable for a championship team.

Jose Arellano
This 19 year old started last season in AAA and ended the season with an 8-8 record with a 3.88 ERA and 88 strikeouts in 20 starts. It is very hard to think of many pitchers who can do this at 19 years old, let alone in their first AAA season. Arellano is the #46 prospect for a reason as he shows his hard hitting stuff every start. Unless Arellano has an incredible spring training, Arellano will most likely start in AAA next season but with an improved season, Mounties fans should see Arellano called up at some point next season as a 20 year old.

Luis Miguel Duran
Duran started off last season in AAA at the age of 19 and until his season ended due to a ruptured UCL, he had a 5-5 record and 3.13 ERA in 14 starts. The #6 prospect in the Mounties' system has potential to be a back end starter in the league but the fact he held his own in AAA at age 19 and was drafted in the 14th round shows that he could have the potential to be much more.

Tomas Valadez
The #8 prospect in Vancouver's system is the definition of a prototypical leadoff hitter. Last season in AA, Valadez hit for a line of .340/.406/.466 with a 7/13 stealing record. Valadez needs to work on his stealing ability because while he does have the speed he has trouble baserunning in general. However, Valadez can put the ball in play constantly and plays a good second base. Valadez will be 22 at the start of next season and is one to look out for.

Sen Mori
Mori might be the most intriguing hitting prospect in Vancouver's system. As a 20 year old in his first rookie league season, he hit numbers similar to his high school numbers with a stat line of .347/.403/.704 with 18 home runs and 47 RBI's in 55 games. While being 20 years old in the lowest level of minor league baseball, these numbers are seriously impressive and with the combination of a high baseball IQ and work ethic, Mori could be a fast riser in this system.

Jalloun El Khattabi
With an unfortunate end to the season with a torn UCL, El Khattabi still showed potential as an elite reliever at just 17 years old. In short season A ball, El Khattabi had a record of 3-1 with 11 saves and a 2.33 ERA in 28 games. El Khattabi was drafted in the 3rd round in this most recent draft and has showed elite stuff despite not having much high velocity. When El Khattabi comes back next season after his injury, if he picks up where he left off this past season, he could be a fast riser and be in the majors by age 20.
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Re: The Vancouver Times - 2037, Issue 1

Post by usnspecialist » Mon Nov 26, 2018 5:44 am

I like arellano a lot.
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Re: The Vancouver Times - 2037, Issue 1

Post by RonCo » Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:42 am

Castillo needs to grow a bit. Nice looking guy, but underdeveloped for his age.

Nice write-up, though. VAN has some pieces.
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Re: The Vancouver Times - 2037, Issue 1

Post by recte44 » Mon Nov 26, 2018 11:07 am

Yay news from Vancouver! Xmas came early
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