2040/9 Silva Gets a Demotion

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2040/9 Silva Gets a Demotion

Post by nerfHerder » Tue Oct 22, 2019 5:45 pm

Now a 2-5 week has the faithful thinking....yeah, this is more like the Tropics. Now sitting at 32-30, and in 5th place, the nose dive needs to end. So far it has been the pitching that has failed them, which ironically was the strength just a season ago. What happened? When the previous staff was let go, Jimmy Parsons was asked to stay on as the pitching coach. Once it was realized he didn't want to do that, a change was made. Up came Tropic's legends Kelly Finley, Matthew Stuart, and pitching coach Daniel Silva. Someone had to be the scapegoat.


Daniel Silva wasn't fired, he was just sent to AAA to "hone his craft" You see, Silva was a shortstop during his BBA career. He was an experimental relief pitcher over his time. Still, he is a smart guy and should be fine. He just doesn't fit the current staff as well as Jim Parsons did. So what do you do? You hire his protege.


38 year old Tony Torres was a Jim Parsons clone. He favors guys with the tools to pitch. He also likes to have guys that can light up the radar gun. There isn't a shortage of those guys in Hawaii. He only has 14 games under his belt, so the spotlight is on. Can he stand it?

Go Tropics!!
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