44.45 Shi Shipped

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44.45 Shi Shipped

Post by shoeless.db » Fri Oct 16, 2020 11:54 am

August 4, 2044 | Mad Popes Record: 50-59, 15.5 GB, 8.5 GB(WC), 4-2 last sim
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Despite the best efforts of Exalted Mystic Ralph Dewaldo, centerfielder Po-sin Shi continued to disappoint offensively this season and was unceremoniously shipped to the Siberia of the BBA, landing in Edmonton in what looks to be a salary dump gamble.

"Shi just didn't play up to the contract extension he signed with us last season," Shoeless said from his office at South Pacific Field. "We were hoping for three years from him where he earned the $12 million per he was being paid. The outcomes on the field just weren't there."

Shi slashed a paltry .201/.287/.284 in 85 games with the Popes this season, far below his career average of .273/.369/.440. The nerds in the analytics department in Sacramento also noticed a falloff in his defense. Shi was a Diamond Glove Award winner just last year, but his numbers this season were pedestrian at best for a once elite glovesman. Sacramento is gambling that this season is what can be expected from Shi moving forward.

The Popes also sent recent addition Freddy Delgado in the trade to even out the money going back and forth. Delgado came to the Popes in a trade with Louisville, where he struggled mightily to begin the season. He did see some success with Sacramento's stellar defense behind him but fell off the last several starts, prompting him to be expendable.

In return, Sacramento received two veterans on the last year of their deals, centerfielder Rocky Allen and reliever Luis Ortega, along with pitching prospect Kinzo Iwamoto. Ortega was immediately flipped to San Fernando, bringing another pitching prospect into the mix in Matt Elsworthy.

"We felt we could either flip Allen also or have him play out the year for us in centerfield," Shoeless continued. "The recent addition of Vinnie Coalman in the Pagan trade allowed us the flexibility to move on from Shi and his contract, opening the door to be active in the free agent market this offseason. But, this time we're going to keep with the Right WindTM way."
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